Monday, May 21, 2012

Radio - Sunday May 20th, 2012

Tonight's show featured a couple of sets dedicated to the students in Quebec who have just been put under further attach by the Charest government given the new legistlations of restrictions to numbers of people who can gather and restrictions for people covering their face. We also dedicated the Hunchies song "Fuck Disco Beats" to Donna Summer. We played a set about religion which was dedicated to the Queen of Enlgland and the monarchs claim for ascenedency. Misty Rock n Roll brought a set of sunshine to mark a day that felt like the start of summer. And then we had a set that started off with a song about pizza because Kelly had just arrived to the show with a giant vegan tomato pie. Tonight's demo feature is a raging new all girl band from oakland called Replica. You can hear our show or read our playlist.

PONX ATTAX - Ponx Vacation (Profane Existence)

MANLIFTINGBANNER - Song for Khaled Said (Crucial Response)
AK47 - Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win (Self-Released)
IN DEFENSE - The Kids will still have their say (Profane Existence)
THE FALLOUT - Change the World Today (Insurgence)
ANGELIC UPSTART - Student Power (Captain Oi!)

THE HUNCHIES - Fuck Disco Beats (In the Red)
KILL-A-WATTS - Live Wire (Rip Off)
THEE MIGHTY CAESARS - Cowboys are Square (Get Hip)
SCREAMING BLOODY MARYS- Just Don't Care (Wallabies)
MUMMIES - A Girl Like You (Estrus)
THE THREAT - Riot Resolution (Sself-Released)
VICTIM PARTY - Pink Rifles (Black Pint)
RIOT '99 - Start a Riot (Riot)
MARILYN'S VITAMINS - the executions of may 16, 1998 (Ugly Pop)

POLICE BASTARD - Blasphemy Squad (Profane Existence)
CAPTIVE BOLT - Non Believer (New Ethic)
HAYMAKER - God can fuck hymnself (Deranged)

NO TOMORROW - Nothing Left (Profane Existence)
LEGION666 - Tomorrow's Prayer (Yellowdog)

ADOLESCENTS - Wrecking Crew (Frontier)
BEASTIE BOYS - Riot Fight (Rat Cage)
BRAT MOBILE - Cool Schmool (Kill Rock Stars)
DISTILLERS - Coral Fang (Sire)
ACxDC - Milk was a bad choice (Live and Lie)

STATICS - Rebel like Me (Ugly Pop)
DIRECT ACTION - Eat the Rich (Irate Faction)
FRENETICS - Countdown Radio (Fans of bad productions)
AGRESSION - Don't be mistaken (BYO)

THE UNDERTONES - Here comes the summer (Sire)
THE WHITE WIRES - Lets go to the beach (Dirtnap)
JETTY BOYS - Not even close
DAN VAPID AND THE CHEATS - One more chance
MEAN JEANS - Anybody out there (Dirtnap)

BAD EATING HABITS - Pizza violence (Fatal Apathy)
A.G.'S - Hurt a cop (Mystic)
CAREER SUICIDE - Let it go (Deranged)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Beach Slaw (Deranged)
ABRASIVE WHEELS - Burn 'em down (Riot City)
REGULATIONS - Don't bother me (Deranged)
BAD CHOICE - Lash out (Self-Released)
RUTTO - Ma Vihaan (Ikbal)
OHL - Freiheitt (Rock-o-Rama)
SAYYADINHA - Prozac generation (Sounds of Betrayal)
ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT - My heads a Mess (M.O.I.)
ACID REFLUX - Do your parents know your a Ramone (No Way)
AMERICAN WASTE - Instant Punk (Self-Released)
AMERICAN NIGHTMARE - Fuck what fireworks stand for (Bridge 9)

Demo Feature
REPLICA - Sycophant (Self-released)
REPLICA - You can't stop the weather (Self-released)
REPLICA - Becky's rite (Self-released)
REPLICA - Last Judgement (Self-released)
REPLICA - Sandy Bottoms (Self-released)

I found a great blog posting about the Replica demo at Terminal Escape. You can also read more about the band at their facebook page. Essentially they are an all star all girl hardcore band living in Oakland and featuring the guitarist from Infect, the drummer from No Statik, the bassist from Bad Blood, and the singer from Duck and Cover. Hear the ferocity for yourself on the MP3 download above.

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