Friday, October 7, 2011

Zine - EXD, Volume 11, Issue 5

Zero and Dave appeared on the show back in 2008. Zro4 were a great punk band that formed in 1978 and brtoke up in 1986. ZRO4 was comprised of members from many early wave punk bands in the Toronto scene which included the UGLY, the VILETONES, TYRANNA, and BLUE PETER. Zero and Tony Brighton of the UGLY started up the band and they recruited Dave Joudrey on guitar and Mike Bambrick who would go on to play in the SHARKS and BLUE PETER on drums. Chris Hate of the VILETONES, Marc Gamage of the WADS / ARSON, Chick Parker and countless others would fill the ranks throughout the years. In an interview we did in 2008 with Zero and Dave we found out that ZRO4 had played almost every dive in Toronto that would give punk a chance. These places included the Turning “Learning” Point, the Pylon Theatre, The Rock (Oriental) Palace, the Horseshoe, Larry’s (a.k.a. the Head Space), the Issy, the Bev, the Cameron, the Masonic Temple, the El Mo, the Cabana Room, the DMZ and a bunch lesser known places like Scruffers, and pubs in Mattawa and Tottenham. In 1980, Chameleon Records released the song “Blood” on the “No Pedestrians” comp, but it wasn’t until the Punk History Canada comp where “Gimmie Attention” saw the light of day. This came from a number of unreleased recordings with so many great songs that Zero told us about. Photos by Anita Alksnis, Tony Brighton, Gail Bryck, Mark Leach, Wayne Maguire, Ted Russell, and Garry Vortex. Click the photo to download a copy of the zine.

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