Monday, October 17, 2011

Radio - Sunday, October 16th, 2011

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MAYDAY - In it to Win It (Feral Kid)
ZOUNDS - What is it Worth (Overground)

DRI - I Don't Need Society (R Radical)
MDC - Business on Parade / Dead Cops (R Radical)
CONFLICT - An Ungovernable Force (Mortarhate)
DIRECT ACTION - Repression / Eat the Rich (Bitzcore)
DISCHARGE - Drunk with Power (Clay)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - Greed (Fringe)

ANGRY SAMOANS - Right Side of my Mind (Triple X)
BLACK FLAG - Black Coffee (SST)
DEAD BOYS - Down in Flames (Sire)
THE SAINTS - Wild About You (Raven)
RADIO BIRDMAN - Non-stop Girls (Sub Pop)

PLATES – Marching (Feral Kid)
ORDER – 4th song (HG Fact)
ENDPROGRAM – Confidence Man (Self-Released)
DEATH TRAP – No Majority (Feral Kid / Warm Bath)
BROWN SUGAR – Valu Meal (Feral Kid)
GUNNAR HANSEN – My Crimes (Schizophrenic)
PICK YOUR SIDE – Gnarly Times (A389)
SUPER REPEATER – 0636 (Self-Released)
WEEKEND NACHOS – No Saints (A389)
WARHEAD – This World of Confusion (HG Fact)

LIQUOR STORE - Commando (Almost Ready)
KETAMINES - New Victims (Hozac)
PUFFY AREOLAS - Gentlemen's Grip (Hozac)
I.V. EYES - They Saved Teri's Tube (Rubber Vomit)
THE AVERSIONS - Scarlet Street (In Style)

ATTENTION - Tonight Will Be Like Any Other Night (Juicebox Dot Com)
ANTISCHISM - Greedy Bastard (Prank)

Demo Features
AVFART 33 - Packa och ak (Self-Released)
AVFART 33 - Dubbelmoral (Self-Released)
AVFART 33 - Latsaskontroll (Self-Released)
AVFART 33 - Pregnant with seitan (Self-Released)
AVFART 33 - Dra ditt vapen (Self-Released)
AVFART 33 - Punkhierarki (Self-Released)

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