Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bunchofuckingoofs studio 3 session

This was a long night, but a satisfying night. The TTC made me late. The Lansdowne bus has got to be the worst I have ever rode in my life. The Goofs had taken shelter under an overhang and were good sports about me being late. There was a lot of equipment to load upstairs. It tooks us quite a few loads in the elavator. The set up was unusual with two bass players but we were able to mic everything and get recording. We didn`t get to record everything but we did get these twelve songs with one minor interruption from a security guard. It was pretty late buy the time we finished and the building was locked up so we had to lug everything down three flights of stairs. The amps are the most brutal. Regardless of all that I was riding a high of hanging out with the Goofs all night. They are awesome folks. Here is what we recorded:

1. Business Scum
2. Crack
3. Have you ever seen?
4. Thanks
5. Hogs / Dogs
6. Total Breakdown
7. Alcoholiday turned Alcoholocaust
8. Bike
9. Go Get Screwed
10. Coke
11. Destroy
12. Profit

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