Monday, March 21, 2011

Pick Your Side “Survival Prayer” ep

This debut PICK YOUR SIDE release reminds me of a basement version of SHITFIT. So think lo fi Montreal crust. Except this is a project band pulled together from some major players in the respective hardcore scenes. Jeff Beckman of CHOKEHOLD / HAYMAKER fame plays guitars and vocals. Johnny Ibay from FUCK THE FACTS plays drums. This was a jam band formed out of a failed Haymaker reunion. The ep was recorded in Jeff's basement and I have to say his venomous lyrics are too good to not mention.  

1. Controlled by Fear is a song that explores the development of the culture of fear that we live in
2. Gnarly Times makes subtle references to Fucked Up lyrics but the message is about Civil Liberties are being eroded by the Government.
3. Happy When is a call to arms and an awakening from our apathy.
4. Mentally Fucked
5. Digital Currency is a critique of the plastic currency (Credit and debit cards).
6. Survival Prayer is a song of disdain for those who use faith as the solution for misrable times.
7. World Splits Open is a dream about the earth getting rid of us as a species as a survival story.

8. Help Me Forget rationalizes pills and booze to numb reality.
9. Webs in the sky is a song about pesticide sprays and their role in causing cancer.
10. Hinkley Had a Vision is a Crucifucks cover and if I'm not mistaken Haymaker did a cover of this as well to further suggest that this is the extension of an aborted Haymaker reunion.

It may be lo fi, but like the good demoes back in my day they have a way of growing on you.

(A389 Records – P.O. Box 12058 / Baltimore, MD / 21281 / USA /

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