Monday, March 28, 2011

Radio - Sunday, March 27, 2011

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POISON PLANET - Bible Stories (Third Party)

CLASH - Clash City Rockers (CBS)
FROSTBACKS - Kill the Prime Minister of North America (True North)
CRIMINAL DAMAGE - The Heat (Feral Ward)
MASSACRE - Kuollut Maailma (Self-Released)
KNUCKLEHEAD - Sense in Politics (Stumble Records)
TRANZMITORS - Alma Blackwell (Deranged)

BEYOND POSSESSION - Why, It's Youth (Metal Blade)
ANTI-CIMEX - Criminal Trap (Distraught)
PILLSBURY HARDCORE - Hey Bob, What's Up? (Fartblossom Enterprises)
D.O.G. - Growing Pains (Hatebreeders)

FY FAN - Ingen Framtid For Alltid (Feral Ward)
FIRMEZA 10 - Por Que Tanto Sufrimiento (
ASTA KASK - For Kung und Fosterland (

NORMALS - Puzzle and Candle (MCR Company)
LUCKY MALICE - Fuck Me (Kraftfest)
HARI LEGS - Sundog (Self-Released)
TIJUANA BIBLES - Wake up with the king (Trophy)

4 SKINS - Evil (Secret)
RIOT 99 - Start a Riot (Longshot)
COCKSPARRER - Runnin' Riot (Decca)
COCKNEY REJECTS - Fighting in the Street (EMI)
THE ROTTEN - The Streets  (Rebel Time)

MOLESTED YOUTH - Wasted Nights (Deranged)
DIRECT APPROACH - No More Restrictions (Self-Released)
THE OMEGAS - Street Meat (Self-Released)

BRUTAL KNIGHTS - You're Fired, I Quit (Deranged)
CHAIN OF STRENGTH - Through These Eyes (Revelation)
STICK TOGETHER - X-Treatment (Self-Released)
ENDOW - Rollback (Self-Released)
WICCANS - Teenage Cults (

SPAZZ - Street Jam to the Second Power (625 Productions)
RAPE REVENGE - Beauty Myth (Self-Released)
CLOCKED IN - Fuck your Act (Self-Released)
CEREMONY - Walking Home (Bridge 9)
PSYCHED TO DIE - Onward Armageddon (


HUBRIS - Forced Out / Reconcile (Self-Released)
HUBRIS - Dejected (Self-Released)

HUBRIS - Former Home (Self-Released)
HUBRIS - Libby (Self-Released)

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