Monday, March 7, 2011

Radio - Sunday March 6, 2011

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PENIS FLY TRAP – Crash and Burn (Self-Released)

SICK FUCKIN’-O – All There is (Regurgitated Semen)
SOTATILA – Kylman Sodan Aparat (Heart First)
SEX PRISONER – Off My Chest (To Live a Lie)
XBRAINIAX – Moral Vacancy (To Live a Lie)
HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH – Not Winning the C. Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence (To Live a Lie)
CULO – Military Trend (Deranged)

COLA FREAKS – Skibet Synker (Hjernespind)
I OBJECT  – Taboo (Feral Kid)
BROADCAST ZERO – Alien (Stumble / Rebel Time)
REBEL SPELL – Tragedy (Rebel Time)

ANGRY SAMOANS - Inside My Brain (Triple X)
DAYGLO ABORTIONS - I Killed Mommy (Fringe)
TEEN GENERATE - Let's Get Hurt (Crypt)
NEW BOMB TURKS - Up for a Downslide (Crypt)

PROPAGANDHI - Today's Empires Tomorrow's Ashes (G-7 Welcoming Committee)
!ATTENTION! - Tonight Will be Like Any Other Night (Juicebox)
BLACK DONNELLYS - Challenger (Audio Fellatio)
REAGAN YOUTH - Degenerated (R Radical)
CHANNEL 3 - I Got a Gun (Posh Boy)
FANG - The Money Will Roll in Fight (Boner)

HERATYS - Tama Todellisuus (Hate)
CAREER SUICIDE - From the Start (Deranged)
LOW THREAT PROFILE - Plastic Town (Deep Six)

SNAKEPIT - Who The Fuck Are You? (N.C.J.T.)

BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Bad Choice (Deranged)

VIOLENT ARREST - Retribution (Boss Tunage)
A/POLITICAL - Propaganda By Deed (Crasshole)
WASTE MANAGEMENT - Medicine (Painkiller)
HUSKER DU - The Biggest Lie (SST)

DUDMAN – Fears of Small Numbers (Self-Released)
DUDMAN – Kaihou (Self-Released)
DUDMAN – Death and Night and Blood (Self-Released)
DUDMAN – Can (Self-Released)
DUDMAN – Get Up Rounder (Self-Released)
DUDMAN – Over the Fuckin’ Wall (Self-Released)

RAYMILLAND – Lots / Lost (BDR Records)

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