Monday, March 21, 2011

Radio: Sunday, March 20, 2011

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CLASS OF 1984 – Picked a Fight with Satan (Self-Released)
BRADY’S PROBLEM – Dead Fuck (Self-Released)

DIRECT ACTION – Repression / Eat the Rich (Bitzcore)
BROKEN – Gated Community (Rotten Propaganda)
DOGFLESH – City of Dust (Unrepetent)
CHRIST ON PARADE – Rock ‘n Roll Armageddon (FOAD)

BLACK LUNGS - Stay Out of Parkdale (Deranged)
WHITE LUNG - Shoot (Deranged)
EATING GLASS - Beating Myself Up (High Anxiety)
BITTER END - Guilty as Charged (Deathwish)
NOOSE - Fuck Art / No Respect (React!)
BACKTRACK - Retrace the Lines (6131 Records)

B-GIRLS - Fun at the Beach (Bomp)
MANNEQUIN MEN - Hobby Girl (Hozac)
WHITE WIRES - Pretty Girl (Trouble in Mind)
FIRST BASE - I Don't Feel So Happy Now (Ric Rac)

BURNING LOVE - Curse Breaker (Deranged)
UNITED NATIONS - Never Mind the Bombings, Here's Your Six Fingers (Death Wish)
SCHOOL JERKS - Screamer (Cowabunga)
SCHOOL JERKS - Ugly Faces, Ugly Minds (Cowabunga)

BAD BRAINS - Attitude (Victory)
DOUBLE NEGATIVE - Emergency Room (Sorry State)
CREEPER - Get a Grip (No Contracts, Just Trust)
QUILL - DxMxBx Quill (You Study)
4SCUMS - Resource for War (Self-Released)
RAH - All I Know (Labelled)

DANGERMAN – Every Little Seed (Boss Tuneage)
KNUCKLEHEAD – Rock Rhythm and Boots (Stumble)
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS – Guitar and Drums (Kung Fu)
CANADIAN RIFLE – Historic Landmark (Residue)
MOR – Skrid ud af mit lorte liv! (Spaghetti Cassetti)

NOMEANSNO - Dad (Alternative Tentacles)
76% UNCERTAIN - Just Cuz (Wishing Well)
THREE - Swann Street (Dischord)

OWL EYES - Nightmares (Self-Released)
OWL EYES - Low Spirits (Self-Released)
OWL EYES - Lawful Brutality (Self-Released)
OWL EYES - En Vista De Dios (Self-Released)
OWL EYES - When Hell Freezes Over (Self-Released)
OWL EYES - The Serpents Son (Self-Released)
OWL EYES - Lonely Roads (Self-Released)

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