Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Margaret Thrasher "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret Thrasher" ep

MARGARET THRASHER are a relatively new, mostly girl band from Vancouver. They sound like a cross between the REGULATIONS and the PEDESTRIANS. Good mid- paced punk that picks and chugs along like the PEDESTRIANS buttuneful in the way the REGULATIONS sound as they try and re-create a garage inspired version of the CIRCLE JERKS. In addition, Juls's vocals remind of Mike Hillis from PORCELAIN FOREHEAD. There is one slight difference. Mike Hillis tried to sing in weird ways whereas, Juls just screams her guts out making her sound extremely hoarse. I'm not really sure why they sound the same, but they do. This is a great new band to pay attention to from Canada's left coast. The songs on here are:
1. The Next best Thing
2. Hell No
3. Dead to Me
4. Anti-Reverence Anthem

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