Monday, July 3, 2006

Radio - Sunday, July 2, 2006

HYPE - O' Canada (Reuben Kincade)

BURY THE LIVING - Raise My Fist (Prank)
BROTHERHOOD - No Tolerance (for Ignorance) (Crucial Response)
SSD - Jock Itch (Exclaim)
FREEZE - Nazi Fun (Dr. Strange)
CAREER SUICIDE - While Youre ahead (Deranged)
BILL BONDSMEN - End of cool / Signals (Acme)

RIVER CITY TANLINES - Black Knight (Soul is Cheap)
THE FEELERS - Parts and Pieces (P-Trash)
TOKYO ELECTION - Put a Charge in You (Shattered)
RAT TRAPS - Tennessee Rock n Roll (Your Permanent)
REAL LOSERS - Dont Leave Me Now (Bancroft)
MIND CONTROLS - Prelude to a Fight (P-Trash)
COCOCOMA - All I Give (Shit Sandwich)

SKRUPEL - Punk or Farce ? (Crimes Against Humanity)
FORCED MARCH - Moral Majority (Self-Released)
The PARANOID - One Nation (Moshpit Tragedy)
PHOBIA - Retribution (Crimes Against Humanity)
THANKGOD - One Hand Over Your Mouth (Tick Tock)

THE LETTERS - How Many More Times (Detour)
TRUE CONFESSIONS - Jimmys Fist (Bomb)
RAMONES - Rockaway Beach (Sire)
THE RESULT - Suburban Addicts (A+B=C)
THE AVENGERS - I Believe in Me (Dangerhouse)
ZERO BOYS - A Piece of Me (Panic Button)

SKIT SYSTEM - Stigmata (Havoc)
MASSNERD - Slaktsplats Sverige (Crimes Against Humanity)
TRAGEDY - Eyes of Madness (Feral Ward)
DESOLATION - Awake (Prank)
SANCTUM - Sanctum (Putrid Filth Conspiracy)

THE LOST CHEREES - Killing Time (Mortarhate)
999 - Action (Captain Oi!)
BUZZCOCKS - Wish I Never loved You (Cooking Vinyl)
THE MOTORS - You Beat the Hell Out of Me (Captain Oi!)
COCK SPARRER - Chip on My Shoulder (Captain Oi!)
MAJOR ACCIDENT - Terrorist Gang (Captain Oi!)
ALTERNATE ACTION - Keep Running (Longshot Music)

Demo Feature
DANGERLOVES - Tonite (Self-Released)
DANGERLOVES - Lip Smart (Self-Released)
DANGERLOVES - I Dont Know Why I Try (Self-Released)
DANGERLOVES - Slipping Away (Self-Released)
DANGERLOVES - Crying in the Rain (Self-Released)
DANGERLOVES - Deja vu (Self-Released)

CIRCLE THE WAGONS - Robot Impurity (Black Banana)

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