Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday, July 16, 2006

DISASTER STRIKES - General Strikes (Alternative Tentacles)

FOR THE WORSE - TV Zombies (Bridge Nine)
RADICAL ATTACK - Dead Reality (Vinyl Addict)
BETRAYED - Addiction (Bridge Nine)
OUTBREAK - Restless Minds (Bridge Nine)
THE KILL DECIBEL - My Final War (Specmin 32)
GIVE UP THE GHOST - The Ice Age Is Coming (Bridge Nine)
PANIC - Lighthouse (Bridge Nine)

LIFETIME - (The Gym is) Neutral Terrortory (Jade Tree)
AVAIL - Sidewalk (Old Glory)
DILLINGER FOUR - Open and shut (Do It For the Kids)
FRACTURE - Getaway Car (No Idea)
GRADE - Not Heroic (Wheatfield Press)

KVOTERINGEN - Vem Har Gett Dom Ratten ? (Terrortten)
MASSGRAV - A det Blir Bara Varre (Sound Pollution)
BOXED IN - Edifice (Flat Earth)
RUIN - Another Bakken Dream (Putrid Filth Conspiracy)
DIRTY BS - Mercy Bullet (Slasher)
SKITSYSTEM - Öppen Grav (Havoc)
SAIGON DISTRESS SIGNAL - the Rot (Wounded Paw)

THE SHEMPS - Thats Great! (That Sucks!) (Gloom)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - So Fat (Deranged)
CAREER SUICIDE - Left with Nothing (Slasher)
SOCIAL CIRCKLE - Nothing Can Save for Now (self-released)
NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS - Angels of Destruction (Backwards Masking)

HEIMATLOS - Heimat (Ratbone)
INFERNO - Nationalgefuhl (Grand Theft Audio)
SKEEZICKS - Friendship (Bolzkow)
SLIME - D.O.R.F. (Aggressive Rock)
DIRECT ACTION - 19AD4 (Bitz-Core)

THE ADVERTS - Bored Teenagers (Anchor)
DEMICS - The Grey and the Black (Hypnotic)
THE TROOPS - The Fan (Aura0
PROFESSIONALS - The Magnificent (Virgin)

UZI SUICIDE - Your Diet, Your Conscious (625 Productions)
SECRET 7 - Rip Off someone elses record and You Call It DIY (625 Productions)
CHRONIC SEIZURE - Violent Opposition (Fashionable Idiots)
LETS GROW - Useless Prayer (625 Productions)
ANATOMI-71 - I Allmanhetens Intresse ? (Putrid Filth Conspiracy)
WEAVING THE DEATHBAG - New song for an Old Dreamer (Hungry Ghosts)
MOMENT OF YOUTH - Destroyed Everything (Firestarter)

Demo Feature
TRYSTERO - Dirty, Dirty Deception (Self-Released)
TRYSTERO - Falling Up a Flight of Stairs (Self-Released)
TRYSTERO - The Order of Chaos (Self-Released)
TRYSTERO - Dead Soul Toilet (Self-Released)
TRYSTERO - Nightrider (Self-Released)

RIGHT ON - Evolution (Malfunction)
THE MEMBERS - Working Girl (Captain Oi!)

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