Monday, July 24, 2006

Sunday, July 23, 2006

SAIGON DISTRESS SIGNAL - Soul of the Father (Wounded Paw)

DEADFALL - Seize the Day (Tank Crimes)
KNUCKLE SCRAPER - Swollen Finger / Dona Trash / C.T.L.D. (625 Productions)
DANDARE - Let It burn (Schandmaul)
RADICAL ATTACK - Dumpster Diver / Worm (Vinyl Addict)
S41 - Spring of 41 (MCR Company)
LARUSSO - Tem Alguem Ai, McFly? (Schandmaul)

CRIMINAL DAMAGE - World is Not Enough (Feral Ward)
GOVERNMENT WARNING - Slave Labour (Feral Ward)
YOUNG WASTENERS - Code Red (Hjendspind)
WASTED TIME - Stranger (Grave Mistake)
DEEP SLEEP - Let Go (Grave Mistake)
BRAIN HANDLE - Been Done (Fashionable Idiots)
DIRTY BS - Mercy Bullet (Slasher)
FUCKED UP - Carried Out To Sea (Deranged)

VANCOUGAR - Mine First (Scratch)
THE NYMPHETS - Wednesday Morning (Self-Released)
THE FALLOUT - War Without End (Longshot)
MIND CONTROLS - Take a message (Dirtnap)

GASMASK - Massatu (MCR Company)
KREIGSTANZ - Im Western Nichts Neues (U.P.S.)
ENSAM - Road to the North (Bro Core)
COWARD - I Believe Me (MCR Company)
UPSTAB - Devils Triangle (Even Worse)

SAIGON DISTRESS SIGNAL - Within Darkness (Wounded Paw)
SAIGON DISTRESS SIGNAL - Eventually (Wounded Paw)

SIGNAL LOST - Bow to None (Prank)
RADICALS - Start One step (MCR Company)
HAIRIKOT - Tunteeton (Woimasointu)
YPO-VIIS - Nyt Mua Kyllastyttaa USA (Woimasointu)
SOLDIER DOLLS - Brainwashed (Longshot Music)
COMMON ENEMY - Note to Self (Run and Hide)
I OBJECT - Heard the Herd (Alternative Tentacles)
CONFLICT - The Ungovernable Farce / A Piss in the Ocean / C.R.A.S.S. (Mortarhate)

Demo Feature
SONOROUS GALE - Mark My Slurs (Self-Released)
SONOROUS GALE - Modesty Forbids (Self-Released)
SONOROUS GALE - Everybody's a Comedian (Self-Released)
SONOROUS GALE - Houses of Headstone (Self-Released)
SONOROUS GALE - The Price is Righteous (Self-Released)

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