Monday, August 17, 2009

Urban Blight “More Reality” 12”

Take the URBAN BLIGHT ep and re-record it at a volume that sounds like you are playing this out some busted speakers. That later period EXCLAIM fuzzed out sound permeates this 12”. URBAN BLIGHT obviously want you to hear this loud regardless of what volume you are actually listening to this at. Beav’s vocals sound a lot more like Joe DeNunzio from INFEST. URBAN BLIGHT still have that no nonsense east coast sound of SSD meets URBAN WASTE. It’s tough sounding and it is short, fast, and loud. Like a bulldozer moving at a jet plane pace. Hit the fuckin’ deck. A lot of people have been commenting on the hip hop like nature of the cover. It is a 12” sleeve with a big hole in the middle as opposed to your traditional LPs. But this record is a 45. A 12” albeit, but a 45 nonetheless so the cover. What I find neat about it is the use of photos of kids from the scene that check out the BLIGHT. It’s a great use of another scene’s style because it works here. And maybe the band didn’t have an idea for cover art. Either way it is always neat to see scene shots and it helped get this record out quicker. Besides who cares about the artwork, it’s the fuckin’ music that you want this for. The cover is just window dressing. (Slasher Records – 629 Ossington Avenue / Toronto, ON / M6G 3T6 / Canada)-SP

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