Thursday, August 13, 2009

House of Commons "Guilty as Hell" CD

Welly of Artcore pulls together all of the recorded material by Vancouver's House of Commons. The first seven songs come from a mini LP titled "Patriot". This record originally came out in 1983 and was recorded by Rob Wright of NoMeansno. These songs are:

1. Way Down South
2. Low
3. Gotta B Alive
4. 1999
5. American Patriot
6. Institutional
7. Live for Today

The other materials comes from a later demo recorded in 1985 and may have been unreleased. These songs are:

8. Here Today Gone Tomorrow
9. Ultimatum
10. Attitude
11. Raid
12. Insane
13. Factory
14. Killer's Pride

Artcore also has a myspace site at The CD has video footage of the band to so it is an enhanced CD. These guys rage like Death Sentence.

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