Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pointed Sticks “Three Lefts Make a Right” CD

Vancouver’s POINTED STICKS got back together a couple of years ago to play some one-off shows in Japan and then Toronto and New York. Two years later they have a new full length out. It is great. It has all the quirky new wave stylings of their old material complete with organ. It totally reminds me of early ELVIS COSTELLO or the BUZZCOCKS. In the current day scene think of the TRANZMITORS. Catchy new wave inspired punk like “Perfect Youth” or the material collected for “Waiting for the Real Thing” which came out almost thirty years ago. Way back when the band’s second LP was to come out on Stiff Records. This is not that record. This is a record of all new material and they haven’t lost it. Some of the lyrics like “Too Late” speak to the band’s maturity and reminds me of “Guitar and Drums” by STIFF LITTLE FINGERS or “Come and Reminisce” by the LURKERS. Upon further reflection this reminds me a lot of new STIFF LITTLE FINGERS. Chalk another one up to the old school. (Northern Electric – 549 Columbia Street, #403 / New Westminster, BC / V3L 1B3 / Canada)

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