Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday, August 30, 2009

SLICES - Migraines (Home Invasion)

MAD COWBOYS - Music! No Borders (Self-Released)
B LINES - Crazy Glue (Nominal)
GENERATION X - One Hundred Punks (Chrysalis)
L’ETRANGER - Barricades (Ground Zero)
STATUES - Click (Shooting at Decoys)

URBAN BLIGHT - Blight Makes Right (Slasher)
RAH - Keep Walking (Chez Ogilvie)
PLUTOCRACY - Class Tension (625 Productions)
OMEGAS - Secret Signals (Self-Released)
OFFSIDES - Taking It (Thunderized)

RUM RUNNER - What’s the Music Mean to You (Stumble)
EMERGENCY! - Kill Downtown (Self-Released)
PVC - Sick of You (Incognito)
EMERGENCY - Won’t Tell You Again (Step 1)
RIOT 99 - Start a Riot (Riot Records)

MAD MEN - Polish (Dischord)
FUCKED UP - David Comes to Life (Deranged)
FAILURES - I’ve Done Unspecified Things, Again (Self-Released)
EXTORTION - Curb Craw (Deep Six)
THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE - Death to Spies (20 Buck Spin)

GO! - Escape from NY (King Fish)
LOW VISION - World is Pain (625 Productions)
SHUT EYES - Lurk (Self-Released)
THIS ROUTINE IS HELL - This Routine is Hell (Akashic)
TWIN KILLING - Best of Us (Akashic)

DIRTBOMBS - Don’t Break My Heart (In the Red)
DEAD KENNEDYS - Too Drunk To Fuck (Alternative Tentacles)
DEAD END - Death Game (Self-Released)
COMPANY OF HEROES - Ragnaroar (Self-Released)
COMBATWOUNDEDVETERAN - Comes in Red, Orange and Fuck You (No Idea)
AMPERE - Regulator (Youth Attack)
A.N.S. - Sakte Zombies Must Shred (Cowabunga)
A-FRAMES - Experiment (Sub Pop)

THE INSULTS - Too Late (Punks before Profits)
STARK RAVING MAD - Are You Sleeping / Take a Stand (Nuclear Blast)
DRI - Balance of Terror (R Radical)
CAPITALIST ALIENATION - Norms (Crust ‘n core)

SPG - Destroy (American Waste)
URBAN BLIGHT - What Can Be Done (Slasher)
EATING GLASS - to the Vultures (High Anxiety)
WITCH HUNT - Super Death (Alternative Tentacles)
PROJECT HOPELESS - Name Them Frame Them (Not Enough)
DEEP SLEEP - Into My Brain (Grave Mistake)
DESTINO FINAL - Libertino II (La Vida es un Mus)

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