Sunday, February 3, 2008

Radio - Sunday, February 3, 2008

CAREER SUICIDE – Fan the Flame (Deranged)

CRIMINAL INTENT - Suicide (Sewercide)
CROSS LAWS - Warning Signs (Sorry State)
ANTIBODIES - Hymns for Dregs (Choking Hazard)
THE SPEARS - Bullet Proof (Choking Hazard)
THE FREEZE - Skeletons in the Closet (Schizophrenic)
ANTI-SOCIAL DEGENERATES - Scum Patrol (Self-Released)

NILS - Daylight (Cargo)
NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS - Angels of Destruction (Hjernspind)
DAILY VOID - Surprise Surprise (Hazac)
FITS - Bored of education (No Exit)
DRY HEAVES - Portable (Rave Up)

UNKNOWN SOCIETY - You Hippy (Bootleg)
CHINA WHITE - Nightlife (Frontier)
DOT - Where Do I Fit In (Laser)
NEGATIVE GAIN - Back from the Dead (Pusmort)
SUDDEN IMPACT - Just Yourself (Fringe)
PROBLEM CHILDREN - Future is Now (Irate Faction)
ONE BLOOD - Uncle’ Joe’s Revenge (Gern Blandsten)

EVERYTHING FALLS APART - Give Up (Art of the Underground)
VICIOUS CYCLE - Vicious Cycle (Radio 81)
BLACKJACKET - Method to Our Madness (Self-Released)
NEO NASTIES - I’ve Got Problems (VPAF)

EFFIGIES - Below the Drop (Enigma)
ARTICLES OF FAITH - Up Against the Wall (R Radical)
ASTA KASK - PS474 (Rosa Honung)
ACID REFLUX - Just Another Day (No Way)
SOCIAL CIRKLE - Life Crisis (No Way)
BRAIN HANDLE – Oblivion Crud (No Way)

DICTATORS – Cars and girls (CBS)
CLASH – Spanish Bombs (Epic)
ROCKPILE – Heart (Columbia)
UGLY DUCKLINGS – nothing (Razor)
MAGAZINE – Recoil (Virgin)
VORWARTS – Fall It Down (Crash Course)
KARANTEENI – Halvantoimin (Poko)
THE K-TELS - I Hate Music (Pinned)
The Dolls - Trash (Bootleg)

DIE ANGST - Endlichkeit (Thought Crime)
SKITKIDS - Ackliga Javlar (HG Fact)
AKUTARE - Inject Blues (Schizophrenic)
THE TOYOTAS - Run Down Cities (Radio 81)

Demo Feature
FIX MY HEAD - Garbage Existence (Self Released)
FIX MY HEAD - Whitehaven (Self Released)
FIX MY HEAD - Swirling Vortex (Self Released)
FIX MY HEAD - I Sharted my Pantaloons (Self Released)

THE FALLOUT - Bowl of Flies (Rubber Factory)

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