Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008

THE RESTARTS - Times Hard (Active)

BORN/DEAD - Years of Death (Prank)
THE RESTARTS - Contempt (Active)
LSD - Jast Last (Schizophrenic)
THE FIEND - Religion (Self-Released)
GEWAPEND BETON - Ruining Punk Rock (Dirty faces)
G.I.S.M. - Night Mare (Bootleg)
2ND DEGREE - Daily Life = Non Fiction
STALIN - Romanticist (Bootleg)
DEATH SIDE - Flowing Blood (Bootleg)
D.O.N. D.O.N. - Dirty noise (Schizophrenic)

WASTED TIME - Hey, Pat (Grave Mistake)
THE FARTZ - Buried Alive (A20)
BLANK STARE - Violence (Refuse)
DIRTY BIRD - Go To War (Self-Released)
GOVERNMENT WARNING - Killing for Fun (Grave Mistake)
GERM ATTAK - Die in Afghanistan (MCR Company)
TIME TO ESCAPE - Run Away (Grave Mistake)
DOUBLE NEGATIVE - Looking at the Rats (No Way)
BATTLETORN - Last Atack (Mad at the World0

999 - Gimme the World (Dr. Strange)
DOA - World War 3 (Sudden Death)
CHELSEA - Sod the War (TKO)
THE BUSINESS - Blind Justice (Captain Oi!)
THE EJECTED - Have You Got 10p ? (Captain Oi!)
CHARGE - King’s Cross (Anagram)

EVICTION PARTY - Doncaster Diamond (Sharpie Fumes Collective)
CONFLICT - Young Parasites (Mortarhate)
THE CORPORATION - Coffee (Self-Released)
BAD BRAINS - The Big takeover (Roir)
BALZAC - Ziggy Stardust (Misfits)
CHAOS UK - Victimised (Anagram)
VARUKERS - soldier Boy (Anagram)

Demo Feature
DOG FACED MODELS - Burning Red (Self-Released)
DOG FACED MODELS - Mug Me (Self-Released)
DOG FACED MODELS - Feeling the Pressure (Self-Released)
DOG FACED MODELS - Coal Mine (Self-Released)
DOG FACED MODELS - Cops are Pricks on Power Trips (Self-Released)
DOG FACED MODELS - I Found a Better Way (Self-Released)
DOG FACED MODELS - I took it all apart (Self-Released)
DOG FACED MODELS - Soap Opera (Self-Released)
EYE-GOUGE - Piss Me Off (Straight Up)
EYE-GOUGE - Talk Shit (Straight Up)
EYE-GOUGE - Emo Cunt (Straight Up)
EYE-GOUGE - Just Another Day (Straight Up)
EYE-GOUGE - Mosh It Up (Straight Up)
EYE-GOUGE - Fuck It (Straight Up)
EYE-GOUGE – Gonna Hafta Fight (Straight Up)
I OBJECT – Leaving you (Alternative Tentacles)
RIGHT ON – Fuck Work (Malfunction)
RESERVE 34 – Neo Geo (Speciman 32)
HOSTAGE LIFE – The Song was written by a Committee (Underground Operations)
KNUCKLEHEAD – Jacob Burke (Stumble)
RESISTANCE 77 – Punk Rock Songs (Captain Oi!)

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