Sunday, February 24, 2008

Radio - Sunday, February 24, 2008

TSUBO Messa (S.O.A.)

LIVING DARKNESS - 20 Years (High Anxiety)
HELLSHOCK - Quantum Sickness (Crimes Against Humanity)
LEGION666 - Happy Now ? (Schizophrenic)
DIRTY POWER GAME - Ghigliottine in piazza san pietro (MCR Company)
DISRUPT - Equalize (Bootleg)
MASSGRAVE - We Pay to be Slaves (Unrest)

AMDI PETERSENS ARMI - En Borger Af Samfunder / Anarki Hieranki (Havoc)
TEEN CRUD COMBO - Wash Dish (Black Lung)
LOS INVASRES - El Ejectivo (Inocencia)
STREET TRASH - 5 Dirty Fingers (My War)
MARILYN’S VITAMINS - Squeegee girl (Raw Energy)
h-100s - Picked On (Havoc)
CHRONIC SEIZURE - Hypochondriac (Fashionable Idiots)
GOVERNMENT ISSUE - Twisted Views (THD Records)

Studio 3 Session
BURNING LOVE - Lives of the Saints (CIUT)
BURNING LOVE - Internet Exploder (CIUT)

BURNING LOVE - Alien vs. Creditor (CIUT)
SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS - Quick Joey Small (Captain Oi!)
2nd Degree - Just Chaos (HG Fact)
LEFT FOR DEAD - Unity (Dead)
COCK SPARRER - Time to Make Your Move (Captain Oi!)
999 - The System (Dr. Strange)

NASHVILLE PUSSY - Misunderstood (Rotten)
VICIOUS CYCLE - Germ / Dog on a Leash (Radio 81)
FORMALDEHYDE JUNKIES - PCP Fun Time (Fashionable Idiots)
THE TRANSPLANTS - Suicidal Tendencies (Rave Up)
EXPLODING HEARTS - Your Shadow (Vinyl Warning)

TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM - Friends Forever: It’s a Nice Idea (Sir Punkly)
DEATH BEFORE WORK - Last Night I Dreamt about Jeff and Athena Adopting Me (S.O.A.)
WE’RE FUCKED - Pacifier (BBS)
GEWAPEND BETON - Disaster (Dirty Faces)
KIELTOLAKI - Paskalakki (Combat Rock Industries)

IAN DURY AND THE BLOCKHEADS - Plaistow Patricia (Stiff)

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