Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Various Artists "Distort Toronto, Volume 1" cassette

This was a cassette only releases compiled by Mark Rodenhizer. Mark put this together as a gift to folks who came to a fundriasing show that he did for CIUT. These bands all played the show, except for Capital Death and the Wasters. The songs on here are:
1. Terminal State - I'm So Terminal
2. Terminal State - Gun to my Head
3. The Bayonettes - American Song
4. The Bayonettes - Sour
5. The Bayonettes - We Are the One
6. Saigon Distress Signal - As If You Could Kill Time Without Injuring Eternity
7. Saigon Distress Signal - No Life Will Suffice
8. Saigon Distress Signal - Within Darkness
9. The Endless Blockade - Descent into the Paradigm of Brutality
10. The Endless Blockade - Haymaker vs. Manowar
11-13. The Endless Blockade - Variations on a Theme
14. The Endless Blockade - Fed Up
15. Career Suicide - Quarantined (Live in Nagoya, Japan)
16. Capitol Death - A Boy and his Lawnmower (Dead Kennedys)
17. The Wasters - Wasters

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