Monday, October 13, 2003

The Metal Eddies "Too Late to Grow Up" CD

Here is one of the Metal Eddies CDs which contains a demo from 1999 tagged on at the end. It is a DIY job on No Vinyl and contains the songs:

1. Kniffel
2. Blind Date from Hell
3. Rock 'n Roll Pension
4. Metal Queen
5. Barbee Doesn't Pogo Anymore
6. Guestlist Anarchist
7. Vicious
8. Ferris Beulers Day Off
9. Straight Edge Blues
10. Alex hates Me (and he's a Goth)
11. Betty
12. Locked in the Bathroom
13. Tuf Luv
14. Punk Brewster is a Hardcore Girl

The original Demo tape from 1999 is:
15. Shitty Shitty Demo Tape
16. Alex Likes Us and he's a Punk
17. Apple Juice
18. Short songs
19. Pagan Slaggin'
20. One Chord Song

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