Sunday, September 9, 2018

Radio - Sunday, September 9th, 2018

Here is the radio show for Sunday September 9th, 2018. No themes on tonight's show. Demo feature by a new band out of London called the Uncommitted. You can download the show here.

S.H.I.T. - Diswar on Psyche (La Vida Es Un Mus)

FRONT PAGE – Monster (New Noise)
STURGEONS - Punk Rock Virgins (Social Blemish)
THE SOFTIES - Somethings Gonna Change (Charly / Bellaphon)
THE NEGATIVES – Stakeout (Look)
SIGGY MAGIC AND THE HEY HOE BAND - Passive & Blue (Self-Released)
TAMPAX - UFO Dictator (Compact Cassette)

LA GACHETTE – Legaliser (Ronce / Tapage Rock)
CURASBUN - Que no te Engañen 
AFTERBOLTXEBIKE - El Meu Kalashnikov (Opció K95 Cover) (Rebel Time)
OFF THE CLOCK - Last Nerve (Self-Released
DANSETTE DAMAGE - Stab Yor Back (Shoestring)
KRAFT DURCH FREUDE - Berlin Wall (Off Course) 

REGIONAL JUSTICE CENTER – Duplicity (Self-Released
KRUTA ZIMA - Victims of Disbeat (Self-Released)
KYLMANVIHA - Luotan vain pimeyteen (Self-Released)
TIBIA – Hoy (Self-Released)
GRIMSKUNK - The Right to Bear Harm (Indica)

The week we did a set on Singapore punk we got some feedback from some labels there about current bands so here is a set of contemporary punk out of Singapore.

LUBRICANT – PTSD (Symphony of Destruction)
ABRASION - Bow (Self-Released)
UNSUB – Unsub (Self-Released)
XYRESIC - Abuso Racial (Self-Released)
URGENT MATTER – Go (Self-Released)

DASIDEN - El Sueño (Self-Released)
FUCKED AND BOUND - Wild-Thing (Self-Released)
WAR ON WOMEN - Predator in Chief (Bridge Nine)
NATTERERS – Defiant (Again) (Self-Released)
STILETTOS - Mercer Street (Rave Up

FIELD AGENT - Another Day (IOU)
HAZARDOUS WASTE – Slave (Nerve Hold)
FUTURE TERROR - Inculcated Scum (Self-Released)
ALF STEWART - 666 (U Idiot) (Stocked)
HARD CHARGER – Slobberknocker (Ancient Temple / Waste of Time / Guilty Parade / Black Speed)

PEACE TEST - Tears of a Clown (Self-Released)
EXPRESSIVE ACTION - This Is Angry (Pt.2) (Self-Released)
SEEIN RED - Nothing More (Wicked Witch)
RORSCHACH – Sidestep
WILD SIDE - Wild Side (Self-Released
BIG MACK - Do It! (Self-Released)

ZYMOTIC – Anthropocene (Self-Released)
DISEASE - Distort Life (Self-Released)
NUEVA FUERZA - ¿Es esto la paz- - Apropiación Indebida (La Vida Es Un Mus)
LAXITY – Dadaizm (Self-Released)

NEVSKIJ - Something like Nazipunk fuck off
SLAVEMAKER - Working Man

GUTTER – Opposition 
GUTTER - No Class (Reagan Youth) 
GUTTER - The Rain 
RAZORBACKS - Take it like a man 

Tonight's demo feature is a one man band from London Ontario, which features the singer, Tim Freeborn, from Sons of Ishmael. You can find out more about the band on bandcamp

THE UNCOMMITTED – Demon Sheep (Self-Released)
THE UNCOMMITTED – Autosite Parasite (Self-Released)
THE UNCOMMITTED – Jesus was a Man’s Man (Self-Released)
THE UNCOMMITTED – Dear Mr. Anaemic (Self-Released)
THE UNCOMMITTED – See Aye (Self-Released)
THE UNCOMMITTED – Gastroped High (Self-Released)
THE UNCOMMITTED – Hearth (Self-Released)
THE UNCOMMITTED – John Brown’s Dream (Self-Released)

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