Sunday, September 30, 2018

Radio - Sunday, September 30th, 2018

Tonight's show features a mix of old and new punk, bands from here, around the country and from away, along with references to a number of current events, local shows and a demo feature by Wretched Fools. Download the show here

RPB - Sacre Coeur (RBPS)

PANKRITI - Lublana Je Bulana (ZKP RTVL)
LITTLE BOB STORY - Seaside Bar Song (RCA Victor)
DeeCRACKS - I Need to Know (Self-Released)
POINTED STICKS - American Song (Sudden Death)
STILMORD - Det Spelar Ingen Roll Rock'N'Roll (Polar)
THE STIFFS - Inside Out (Dork / Zonophone)

BELLEVUE - Dein Freund (Off Course)
BILLY SYNTH AND THE TURN UPS - Going All the Way (Cracked / Mind Cure)
CHILLERS - Ciggie Break (Self-Released
CONTROL – Columbine (Self-Released
MOON BLOOD – Cramp (Self-Released

LONDON PX - The Man They Could Not Buy (New Puritan / Pure Punk)
X MAL DEUTSCHLAND - Schwarze Welt (Zickzack) 
CRASS - Contaminational Power (Crass)
HOLOGRAM – Anesthetized (La Vida Es Un Mus
STRANGLED - Red Zone (Self-Released)
PiL – Rise (Virgin) 

ZYGOME - Mental Murder (Self-Released
LAST AGONY – Agony (Self-Released)
ZYMOTIC - Architects of Fear (Self-Released
UNWANTED NOISE - Critical Acclaim (Self-Released)
D7Y – Maskínan (Self-Released)

Bands from Barca
ABSURDO – Depressió (Discos Absurds)
ULTRA - Libertad De Expresión (La Vida Es Un Mus)
ANTI-DOGMATIKSS - La diferencia la marca el color de la piel (Self-Released)
ASEDIO - La decisión Final (La Agonia de vivir / Be Part / Devilchild / Contraszt / Behind the Scenes)

DETTONACION – Cooperacion (Self-Released)
METRALLETA - Itzalean (Self-Released)
SAGO - North x South (Self-Released)
HUFF RAID – Emptiness (Self-Released)
GAITZE – Antifa (Discos Enfermos)
ULCERAS – Cuchila (Self-Released)
CARNAGE SS - And For What? (Self-Released)
ARMADA – Dissenters

AUSWEIS - Gangsters United (V.I.S.A.)
HYPE – Life is Hard / Free Trade (Fringe)
TOXIC REASONS - God Bless America (T Reasons)
APB - Living in the USA-Better Red than Dead (Unreleased)
MASSMEDIA - Das Jazz (Massproduktion)
THE EJECTORS - Napalm Hop - Slam Dance (Rave Up)

Tonight's demo feature is Wretched Fools with their brand new recording “Drunk with Power”. You can check out the recording on bandcamp or at the end of this show. 

WRETCHED FOOLS – Terror Craze (Self-Released)
WRETCHED FOOLS – Surveillance (Self-Released)
WRETCHED FOOLS – Anti-Police (Self-Released)
WRETCHED FOOLS – Nuclear Crisis (Self-Released)
WRETCHED FOOLS – Rat Race (Self-Released)
WRETCHED FOOLS – Greed (Self-Released)
WRETCHED FOOLS – Homicidal Maniac (Self-Released)

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  1. Hi, how are you?
    Thank you so much for play our song there!
    Greetings for Buenos Aires, Argentina!

    Att. Nicolás E (Guitar in Control)