Sunday, September 2, 2018

Radio - Sunday, September 2nd, 2018

Tonight's show features sets on Aretha, War, Ted Axe, and a lot of loose references to current events. Plus a demo feature from Off the Clock in Victoria. Download the show here

GEFYR – Kriglarm (Angry Hudik Hardcore

HONEY BANE - Baby Love (Zonophone)
RUDE BOY GEORGE - Sweet Dreams (Trilby)
NEW ORDER – Denial (Factory)
GLOOM SLEEPERS - No Lovers (Self-Released
DIRTY AND HIS FISTS – Reaper (Feel It)
RUBELLA BALLET – Blues (Xntrix) 

Rubella Ballet are playing Near Dark fest in Oakland, September 13-15. 

This next set is pulled together from last night's record release show for the new Sago album "Food Island". 

LA GAUCHETTE – 20 ans d’insoumission (Self-Released)
MURDER SQUAD T.O. - Sk8 and Grind (Self-Released)
SCHOOL DAMAGE – Finding Love in the Creepiest of Places (Self-Released)
SAGO – Galloping Beauty (Self-Released)

Inspired by the air show and the jets that scream through the skies of Toronto during Labour Day weekend every year.

CRASS - Fight War, Not Wars (Crass)
CONFLICT – Wargames (Crass)
DISCHARGE - Realities of War (Clay)
DIRECT ACTION - H-Bomb (Self-Released)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH – Domination (Self-Released)
ABRASIVE WHEELS - Army Song (Abrasive / Riot City)

TED AXE – Sex Horror Violence (Self-Released)
SISTER HYDE – Cock of the Town (Self-Released)
THE ACTION – TV’s on the Blink (Montreco)
THE EJECTED – Have you got 10p? (Riot City)

WAR FEVER - Fade to Grey (Self-Released)
SQUARE UP – SxUx (Self-Released)
VANTAGE POINT - Where It Ends (Self-Released)
NANDAS – Manhole (Self-Released)
THE FLEX – Inferno (Self-Released)
CHECK YOUR HEAD – Youth (Self-Released)
ALTERED STATE – Gone (Self-Released)

CHILD'S POSE – Miserable (Self-Released)
CORKY’S LEATHER JACKET - Living the Dream (Self-Released)
DELTOIDS – Pleasure (Self-Released)
COBRA COBRA - Alpha Draconis (Self-Released)
SCIENCE MAN - Ponce Del Eons Ago (More Power Tapes)
CYBER BULLIES - Leather and Lazers (More Power Tapes)

Tonight's demo feature is an oi band from Victoria called Off the Clock. You can download their demo from bandcamp

OFF THE CLOCK Hell to Pay (Self-Released)
OFF THE CLOCK Everyday (Self-Released)
OFF THE CLOCK Like You (Self-Released)
OFF THE CLOCK Lazy (Self-Released)

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