Sunday, September 24, 2017

Radio - Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Stephe and Rob are back in the co-host seats. You can download the show here.

STALIN VIDEO - Pesticide Sweat (No Front Teeth / Crapoulet)

SUMISSION - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper Cover - Uruguay
MOTORHEAD - Rockaway Beach (Silver Lining Music)
Y.E.S. - The Todd Killing (Self-Released)
WANT - Seeing Red (Self-Released)
ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE - Love of Common People (Nicky Thomas)

COMEBACK KID - Absolute (New Damage)
CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER - Postively (Restless / Death)
CRUMBSUCKERS - Bullshit Society (Combat Core)
BARS - Like It Never Was (Equal Vision)
COUNTERPARTS - A Memory Misread (New Damage)

CONDITION - Signed In Blood (Iron Lung)
HEZ - Problemas (Self-Released)
OI POLLOI - No (Beluga)
SYSTEM SYSTEM - Home Sweet Home
DELITIO PROLETARIO - Punks Y Skins (Solid Foundation)

LOS MUNJITAS DEL FUZZ - Sor Cassandra (Slovenly)
LOS MONJO - Hey Tu (Trabuc / Discos MMM)
MALDITA - Sonria (Self-Released)
UNION 13 - Roots Radicals (Hellcat)

NASTI - Blisters (Iron Lung)
SHITTY LIFE - Living in a Trap (Crapoulet / Spastiuc Fantastic)
THE PUTZ - Annoyed (Eccentric Pop)
TOMMY AND THE COMMIES - Reggie Rox (Self-Released)
TELECULT - C-R-O-I-X. (No Glory / Crapoulet / P Trash)
LUNCH - Dessiner pour oublier (Panda)
CAPITALIST KIDS - Decent Proposal (Brassneck / Eccentric Pop)

STARJETS - Schooldays (Epic)
BULLET PROOF LOVERS - Knock Down the Door (Rum Bar)
DOGS - Too Much Class for the Neighbourhood (Epic)
RANDY RAMPAGE - Cheap Tragedies (Friends)

COLLAGEN - Rough (Self-Released)
CUM - Tough Guy (Lethal Dose)
CHANNEL 3 - The God That You Deserve (TKO)
THE PHOSPHORUS BOMBS - Chain of Command (Self-Released)
LIMP WRIST - Wrap Yourselves in Me (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is from Kamloops BC and can be found on their bandcamp page.

BOOTLICKER - Dependence (Self-Released)
BOOTLICKER - Commodity (Self-Released)
BOOTLICKER - Butchered (Self-Released)
BOOTLICKER - Dismantle (Self-Released)

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