Sunday, September 10, 2017

Radio - Sunday, September 10th, 2017

A few weeks back, on SHEXD #11, Christina was one of the guest hosts who was participating in the show for her last time because she is moving back to her native Australia. Sarde mentioned that it might be a good idea to have Christina come in a guest host a show and tonight's show was the first time we could get her in. Christina has been involved in the Toronto scene in a lot of amazing ways, but she approached the show by looking at bands from here, bands from Cleveland and bands from Australia. You can download an MP3 of the show here

THE UGLIES – Make Punk Great Again (No Patience)

I mentioned that we had done a show on the early scene in Sydney related to a film and that MRR had done a show recently on weirdo punk from the early scene but Christina wanted to shine a focus on the contemporary scene as there are many scenes putting out a lot of great bands in various styles of punk. Here is the first of two sets on contemporary Aussie punk.

THE SKIDS – Deepest Grave (Shipping Steel)
DRUG SWEAT – Hectic Whipper (Aarght)
LOW LIFE - Dogging (RIP Society)
STRAIGHTJACKET NATION – Power It Up (Cool Death / La Vida Es Un Mus)
UBIK – Touch Off (Lost In Fog)
TYRANNAMEN - I Don’t Want to go to Jail (Cool Death / Static Shock)

Second set on Australian punk
BRANDO’S ISLAND - Duplicaat (Altered State)
58008 - Devolve (No Patience)
DEATH CHURCH – Jaw Crusher (No Patience)
MASSES - Crosses (Lost In Fog/Mass Media)
SPOTTING – Wait Your Turn (No Patience)

Christina had mad a number of trips to Cleveland when she was living in Melbourne. She explained how Cleveland has always had interesting bands, but again wanted to focus on the contemporary scene, which is partially what she has done with her label Blow Blood Records. Here is the first of two sets on Cleveland punk.

LACERATE – Despair (Konton Krasher)
THE COWBOY – The Cowboy (Fashionable Idiots / Blow Blood Records / Drunken Sailor)
MAGIC CITY – Free (Blow Blood)
PERVERTS AGAIN – Figgy Pudding (Non Commercial)
THE SIGHT – Time Lapse (Blow Blood)

Second set on Cleveland
THE MISSED – Just Like Cellophane (Quality Time Records)
VANILLA POPPERS – Where You Told Me I Belong (Lumpy)
BULSCH – Innee Innee Outbawl (Blow Blood)
CRUELSTER – Terminal Windmill (Turbine Piss)
BAD NOIDS – Into the Future (Feel It)
KILL THE HIPPIES – Dig Your Own Grave (Phoenician MicroSystems)
INMATES – Skummy / Public Education (Human Stench)

Christina has lived in Toronto for the past couple of years. In that time she has gained an appreciation for punk from Canada, but the list of bands was a lot longer than what made it to air......

F.I.T.S. – Stupid Garbage Society (Blow Blood)
PROM NITE – No Motivation (Barfbag)
PROTRUDERS – Cold Energy (Self Released)
S.H.I.T. – Incorporation (La Vida Es Un Mus)
NO NEGATIVE – Cellophane (Swollen City)

FAZE – No Loss (Runstate)
DOXX – Shoplifted (Self Released)
TEENANGER - Just Drop It (Telephone Explosion)

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