Sunday, September 17, 2017

Radio - Sunday, September 17th, 2017

Outcry were in town in July and came in to record a session and do an interview with us which is what is on tonight's show.

OUTCRY - It's A Joke (CIUT)
OUTCRY - Interview (CIUT)
OUTCRY - Chatter (CIUT)
OUTCRY - Interview (CIUT)
OUTCRY - Walking (CIUT)
OUTCRY - Interview (CIUT)
OUTCRY - Weekend Night / History Night (CIUT)
OUTCRY - Interview (CIUT)
OUTCRY - Soldier Soldier (CIUT)
OUTCRY - Interview (CIUT)
OUTCRY - War Aesthetic (CIUT)
OUTCRY - Interview (CIUT)
OUTCRY - Screaming (CIUT)
OUTCRY - Interview (CIUT)
OUTCRY - Process (CIUT)
OUTCRY - Interview (CIUT)

Rose mentioned Chris Murdoch's presentation "Black Dots". Here is a player for the presentation:

Here are some bands from Halifax that get mentioned in the interview with Outcry.

HALFREAD - No System (Self-Released)
BOOJI BOYS - Confess + Control (Self-Released)
WAX – In the Bathroom (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is a new Toronto band called Que Lastima which you can also find on their bandcamp page.

QUE LASTIMA – Paradise (Self-Released)
QUE LASTIMA – Sangre Moreno (Self-Released)
QUE LASTIMA – Tierra Violada (Self-Released)
QUE LASTIMA – Punno de Resistencia (Self-Released)
QUE LASTIMA – Juntos, Fuentes, Unidos (Self-Released)
QUE LASTIMA – Outro (Self-Released)

Grant Hart passed away last week and so here is a Husker Du song that is heavy on the drumming and one of my all time favourites for those who dug the DU.

HUSKER DU - New Day Rising (SST)

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