Sunday, April 9, 2017

Radio - Sunday, April 9th, 2017

LIFESPITE - Blown To Shreds (Bones Brigade)

SVORDOM – Snutjävel (Self-Released)
SELKASAUNA – Tuomiopäivä (Self-Released)
AARITILA - Hulluuden Dynastia (Feral Ward)
WAR ALL THE TIME - The Amber Room (Crime Scene)
ABSOLUT - Crisis (Beach Impediment)
DESPERAT - Vi Förstör Var Jord (Beach Impediment)

SHOTMAKER – Failure (Troubleman Inc)
RYE COALITION – Great Communicator (Gern Blandsten)
SAMUEL – Lives of Insects (Art Monk Construction)
QUICKSAND – Dine Alone (Polydor)
IRE – Sympathy Trail (The Mountain Collective)

DARK TRIP - Book of the Dragon (Self-Released)
TOMMY & THE COMMIES - Suckin' in your 20s (Self-Released)
ARTIFICIAL DISSEMINATION – Walt Disney was a Nazi (Self-Released)
HERD OF WASTERS - Artisan Assholes (Self-Released)
RAPID LOSS - Kill You Dead (Self-Released)
ULTRA VIOLENCE -. No Help (From Up Above) (Welfare)
ELEUTHEROS - Peeping Tom (Self-Released)
SYNDROME 81 - N'oublie Jamais (Offside / Savage)

PLAYBOY MANBABY – You Can Be A Fascist Too (Dirty Water)
THE CHEAP CASSETTES – Get Low (Rum Bar Records)
MORAL PANIC – Neck Tattoo (Slovenly)
THE CONNECTION – Stay With Me (Rum Bar Records)

APATIA - Motto (Refuse)
THE CORPSE - Apatia (Warsaw Pact)
TZN XENNA - To Jest Ten Cztowiek (Refuse)
GO! - Decide (Refuse)
VOWELS - Dxwn xnd xxt (Refuse)

POISON 13 – What a Way To Die
CIRCLE JERKS – Put a Little Love in Your Heart
CAREER SUICIDE – Kill the Warden
THE CLASH – Police on my Back

EEKUM SEEKUM - Under the Vinyl Siding, the Cedar! (Self-Released)
Y2K - Languishe the Bite (Self-Released)
MOLLOT - Hammer Not a Nail (Self-Released)

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