Sunday, April 23, 2017

Radio - Sunday, April 23, 2017

We started off tonight's show with a band from Barcelona recorded originally in 1978 but released in 2012. Download tonight's show here.

ELS MASTURBADORS MONGOLICS – Por aqui por alla (Munster)

BAGHEAD – Scab (Self-Released)
CEROTE - Speak Spanish or Die (Self-Released)
CONCEALED BLADE - Active Shooter - Web Of Lies (Beach Impediment)
LOSE LOSE - Blood Pressure (Self-Released)
HONNOR SS – D-fire (Self-Released)
BOMBARDEMENT - Through Pain And Violence (Self-Released)
VIIMEINEN KOLONNA - Liha on Heikko (Blame the Victim / Filthy Rat / Insane Society)

The Dead Boys will be in town tomorrow night so here is a set inspired by the DEAD BOYS. 

CHEETAH CHROME – Take Me Home (Numero Group)
WHITE HEAT – Nervous Breakdown (Valium)
WASTED LIVES – Divorce (Spoken)
THE VICTIMS – Disco Junkies (1977)
DEAD BOYS – Caught with the Meat in Your Mouth (Sire)

CULTURE SHOCK - Forever and Ever (JMR)
THE HUM HUMS – Some Kinda Shit (Waterslide)
BANGS – Dirty Knives (Kill Rock Stars)
SHEER MAG – Can't Stop Fighting (Static Shock)
HI-FI'S – Look What You've Done (Show Time)

Inspired by the election in France

PETITE - Gente Play (Self-Released)
RIXE - Tenter Le Diable (La Vida Es Un Mus)
NO CLASS - Blue Collared Rock And Roll (Self-Released)
COMBAT FORCE – Fight (Self-Released)
LAST DAYS - I Have the Right (Self-Released)
PMS 84 - Gaza (Self-Released)
BRASS - Don’t Look at Me (Self-Released)
STREETLIGHT SAINTS - Bash the Fash (Self-Released)

GAUNT – USA (Thril Jockey)
ADAPTORS – Trust in Technology (Plastik Rapture)
THE ELECTRIC VOMIT – Treasure Hunt (Garbage Bag)
THE CITY LIMITS - Morse Code Messages (Luggage)

Tonight's demo feature is of a band that wil be at this year's Varning. The demo reminds me a lot of Diskonto who are one of my all time favourites. You can download this demo from bandcamp.

MOBLISH – System of Fear (Self-Released)
MOBLISH – Exit of Death (Self-Released)
MOBLISH – Feed on the Flesh(Self-Released)
MOBLISH – Self Slaughter(Self-Released)
MOBLISH – Hallucinations of Freedom (Self-Released)

NATIONS ON FIRE - Ecology (Refuse)
SNFU - No Never (Cruzar)

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