Sunday, April 30, 2017

Radio - Sunday, April 30th, 2017

Tonight's show features the best new releases from April, a feature on Toronto's post punk origins courtesy of Nick Smash, and a demo feature by Ottawa's Durs Coeurs. Download a copy of tonight's show here.

LAST DAYS - Torn In Two Parts (Blame the Victim)

BURNOUT - Survivors of Suicide (T Live a Lie / Blast House)
LACE - Youth Hinge (Iron Lung)
DROPDEAD - The Final Chapter (Armageddon)
HVAC – T&S (Self-Released)
KORROSIVE – Maniac (Distort Reality)
WARSICK - Fight to Break Control (Unreleased)

Y2K - Sickle Swings (Self-Released)
GOVERNMENT FLU - Misplaced Anger (Refuse)
AGENT - Endless Disposal (Ciabatta Brain)
S-21 - Year Zero (World Gone Mad)
NOSFERATU - Spectator  (Self-Released)

HEADSPLITTERS - Severed Hand (Self-Released)
HELLO BASTARDS - If Not You, Who? If Not Now, When?(Refuse)
SCRAPS - Wrapped Up (Be Yourself)
RENDER USELESS - Desperation Days (Slow to Burn)

Top 10 - April 2017
URANIUM CLUB - That Clown's Got A Gun (Static Shock)
HAISTELIJAT - Plenta Kohounaa (Nuuhkaja / Joteskii Groteskii)
HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH - You Had Better Enjoy Treating People Like Shit While You Can (To Live a Lie / Riotous Outburst)
BEARTRAP – Kneel (To Live a Lie / Riotous Outburst)
THE UNKNOWN THREAT - No Escape (Self-Released)
ACCIDENTE – Complicidad (Pfia)
CAREER SUICIDE - Row on Row (Deranged)
VIIMEINEN KOLANNA – Tie (Self-Released)
ABNORMI - Sota on Helvetti (Self-Released)
CONCEALED BLADE - Blame Game (Beach Impediment)
CORRECTIVE MEASURE - No Acceptance (Refuse)

Nick Smash, of Smash It Up zine and Alone and Gone, put together a look at Toronto's post-punk origins through a series of hard to find compilations and cassette releases, which is timely given how much of the current scene is influenced by early new wave and general outsider punk. Here is a closer look at some of what Toronto had to offer. Thanks to Aldo Erdic for his production work on this. 

BREEDING GROUND – Mind the Gap (Self-Released)
WOODS ARE FULL OF CUCKOOS – Awesome Penguins (Self-Released)
KINETIC IDEALS – Deadman's Cadence (Self-Released)
FIFTH COLUMN - Hit the Dirt (Urban Scorch Compilation)
THE PARTY'S OVER – Half Life Curve (Urban Scorch Compilation)
THE STURM GROUP – Upon a Nerve (Green Fuse)
RENT BOYS INC. - High Meat (Self-Released)
L'ETRANGER – Light in the Morning (Sounds from the Streets)
BLOODFIRE – Natty Dub (Self-Released)
JAMES GRAY – Come out of your Shell (Nervous Recordings)
THE VITAL SINES - Rhythm of Dark (Self-Released)
UGLY MODELS – Not for Me (Smash Tapes)

Tonight's demo feature is from a band from Ottawa. This was recorded in 2014. You can download the demo from bandcamp. The band is playing at Varning.

DURS COEURS – Piege (Self-Released)
DURS COEURS – J'en Al Vu Assez (Self-Released)
DURS COEURS – Les Memes Histoires (Self-Released)
DURS COEURS – Coeurs Durs (Self-Released)

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