Sunday, February 5, 2017

Radio - Sunday, February 5th, 2017

Tonight's show starts off with a tribute to Black History Month. There is a tribute to the guy from the Hellacopters that passed away. There is a set of covers and a demo feature. Download the show here.

SLAMBONI - Nice Furniture (Self-Released)

BIG BROTHER -The Future is Dead (Unknown)
CULTURE SHOCK – Uncivilised (Alternative Tentacles)
8°6 CREW - Une Fois Pour Toutes (Grover)
KIDS OF THE STREETS - Road of the Righteous (Street Influence / Lamb in a Box)
REDSKINS - 99 And A Half (Won't Do) (London)

HELLACOPTERS – Gimme Shelter (Universal)
MAXIMUM RNR – D.F.F. (Self-Released)
C'MON – Army of Love (Self-Released)
ANTI-CIMEX – Daughters of Pride (CBR)
TURBONEGRO - Turn It On (Riffind)

A set of covers
ÀNCORA - Cashing In (Minor Threat)  (Self-Released)
BLANK SLATE - Quarantined (Career Suicide)  (Self-Released)
PROTESTER – Discriminate Me / Fight (Agnostic Front) (Refuse)
FEEL NOTHING - Cant Tell No One (Negative Approach) (Toxicbreed’s Funhouse)
PAVEL CHEKOV – Corners (Assuck) (Mind Ripper Collective)
MIDDLE CLASS BASTARDS – Putin’s in the Charts Again (Self-Released)
BYSTREET - I'm Mad (Slaughter & The Dogs) (Mangy Little Mut / Tough Times)
MANLIFTINGBANNER – Race Against Time (GBH) (Refuse)
URBAN 69 - Madrid Arde (The Clash) (Self-Released)
STREET SWEEPER - I Don't Care (Ramones) (Self-Released)

DANNY LAJ AND THE LOOKS – Planet of Fun (Some Call It Pop)
LUCY AND THE RATS – This Situation (Dirty Water)
THE MASONICS – Don't Torment Me (Dirty Water)
BRAD POT – Black Eye (Slovenly)
BIZNAGA – El Mal de Aurora (Slovenly)

BIB - The Face – (Self-Released)
BEYOND PEACE – Repression (Self-Released)
RAT CAGE - Pressure Pot (La Vida Es Un Mus)
VIOLENT MINDS - We All Die (Deranged)
RIOT PORN – MTL (Self-Released)

KEEP TIDY - Buds Buds (Self-Released)
STOKES CPH - Country Up For Sale (Randale)
LAST CRUSADE – Vengeance (Rebellion / Longshot)
LOS HUAYCOS – Bonification (En Tu Kara)
RATAS NEGRA - Aguas Negras (La Vida Es Un Mus)

Tonight's demo feature is a band from Vancouver who has four recordings, but this is the first recorded two years ago and available on bandcamp

ACQUITTED – Intro / W.B.O.H. (Self-Released)
ACQUITTED – Dues Paid. (Self-Released)
ACQUITTED – Nothing Left to Give (Self-Released)
ACQUITTED – Count Me In (Self-Released)
ACQUITTED – It’s Just Me (Self-Released)

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