Sunday, February 12, 2017

Radio - Sunday, February 12th, 2017

Here is tonight's show starting out with a pop cultural reference in honour of the Grammies that loads of Canucks are boycotting. Download this show here. Fuck the Grammies.

THE CHORE BOYS - Miley Cyrus (Self-Released)

DEATH VACATION - Hollow Victory (Serenity Now)
CRYSTAL METHODIST – Fairweather (Wide Eyed Noise)
NATIONS ON FIRE – 4 More Reasons (Refuse)
BOMBARDEMENT - Nuclear Sentence (Self-Released)
CAST TO WOLVES - Pitäkää kiinni (Self-Released)
BRAINSHIT - N.M.S. (Kydiomos)

BLONDIE - Rip Her to Shreds (Chrysalis)
ELECTRIC CALLUS – Kill Me Two Times (Soul Jazz)
THE IDOLS – Girl That I Love (Numero Group)
ANTI-VIBES – Drink Some Bleach (Self-Released)
THE MODERNETTES – Suicide Club (Quintessence)
LARRY WALLIS – Police Car (Stiff)

THE ROUTES – Thousand Forgotten Dreams (Dirty Water)
THE OBLIVIANS – Call the Police (In the Red)
THE TIGHTS – Howard Hughes (Cherry Red)
THE PANDORAS – High on a Cloud (Voxx)
POW WOWS – Her Doctor (Hidden Volume)
DICKS – No Fuckin’ War (Alternative Tentacles)

BALANCE - Innocence is Bliss (Never Better)
BITTER TASTE - Political Season (Self-Released)
SEVERE – Distorted Views (Toxic Mosh)
KRIMINAL - Judgmental Pricks (Self-Released) - Berlin
WOUND MAN - CB100 (Iron Lung)
DESGRACIADOS – Desgraciados (Mind Control / Life Sucker)
BUTRON - Asesinos (Allau) (Los Crudos Cover)

BRUTAL YOUTH - II. Anger (Stomp)
VEENA NAROBOV - Болезнь – Disease (Self-Released)
VOWELS - Dxwn Xnd Xxt (Refuse)
OMEGAS – The Glimpse (Beach Impediment)
VENOMSPITTER - Woodrow Wilson was Human Scum that Resurrected the KKK (Coin Toss)
CAR 87 – Smash – Vancouver (Self-Released)
KNIFE HITS – Descent (Give Praise / Dead Tank)

THE BITY - Sid Vicious (Self-Released)
THE SENSITIVES - Violation (State Of Fear)
BLANK WHEN ZERO - Herz and Gefühl (Keep It a Secret)
SNFU – Crude Crude City (Cruzar)
CROOKED JACKS – 5 or 6 (Self-Released)
THE DAMAGED - King of the Working Class (Self-Released)
CHARTBUSTERS - Portland Belongs To Us (Self-Released)
INFESTED - Drop Bush Not Bombs (Self-Released)

ANIMAL ETHICS are form Montreal and released a cassette titled “Human Riots” in 2014. You can find the recording on bandcamp. This is only a sampling. Check out the whole thing on bandcamp.

ANIMAL ETHICS – Give In (Ajax Cassette Company)
ANIMAL ETHICS – Ritual Sacrifice (Ajax Cassette Company)
ANIMAL ETHICS – Riots (Ajax Cassette Company)

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