Sunday, February 19, 2017

Radio - Sunday February 19, 2017

Tonight's show features guest host Jose Podrido for the first part of an evolutionary look at punk in Mexico. Jose covers the late 70's and early 80's with a Toronto pulling out some trivia about a Toronto connection with the first band Size. Jose hosts a weekly hardcore punk show called Frecuencias Incendiarias. You can also download archived shows on soundcloud. You can download an MP3 of tonight's show here.

SIZE – El Diablo en el Cuerpo (Self-Released)

DANGEROUS RHYTHM – Indocumentado (Hip 70)
DANGEROUS RHYTHM – Up and Down (Hip 70)

ATOXXXICO – Puerco Policia (Puro Pincheruido)
ATOXXXICO – Punks de Mierda (Puro Pincheruido)
DESCONTROL – Descontrol (Self-Released)
DESCONTROL – Muerte O Gloria (Self-Released)

ESPECIMEN – Antes de Morir (Self-Released)
HISTERIA – Antigobierno (Producciones En Negro / Huarache)
HISTERIA – Sin Regimen (Producciones En Negro / Huarache)

LAS ANIMAS DEL CUARTO OBSCURO – Decadencia (Aruba Discos)
LAS ANIMAS DEL CUARTO OBSCURO – Pueblo Fantasma (Aruba Discos)
M.E.L.I. - Muerte en la Industria (Self-Released)
M.E.L.I. - Diferencias sociales (Self-Released)

MASSACRE 68 – Ellos O Nosotros (Self-Released)
MASSACRE 68 – Malditos Candidatos (Self-Released)
POLO PEPO Y SOCIEDAD CORRUPTA – San Felipe es Punk (Meches)

REBELL – Hero 1 (Self-Released)
REBELL – Religion (Self-Released)
SEDICION – Actitud de Cambio (Self-Released)
SEDICION – Puercos (Self-Released)

SINDROME – Ciudad (Self-Released)
SINDROME – Punk Suicida (Self-Released)
SOLUCION MORTAL – Emigrantes Muertos (Self-Released)
SS-20 – Virgindad Saciuda (Self-Released)

THE EVAPORATORS - Mohawks and Dreadlocks (Mint)
FASHIONISM - Subculture Suicide (Dirt Cult)
PRE-NUP - Wrong Your (Debt Offensive / Kingfisher Bluez)
THE MODS - Coming in Out of the Rain (Other Peoples Music)
PROM NITE - It's Boring (Self-Released)
PURA MANIA - Rey De Ratas (Hysteria)
PARASYTES - Out on the Streets (Discos MMM)

On February 10th Croche played in Toronto. They have a demo out on Run State. Here it is:

CROCHE - I’m Not Your Friend (Run State)
CROCHE - My Finger Can Do It (Run State)
CROCHE - I’m Not Your Friend 2 (Run State)
CROCHE - Smooth Operator (Run State)
CROCHE - No Fucking Standard (Run State)

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