Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Top 10 - January 2017

1. BRUTAL YOUTH “Sanguine” CD (Stomp)
2. MONGOLOID “Plays Rock and Roll” LP (Deranged)
3. ANCIENT FILTH “Earth Brains” flexi (Self-Released)
4. LIQUID “Hurt My Feelin’” ep (Yeah You!)
5. ORNITORRINCOS “Ladrones de Riffs” ep (Thrash Unreal)
6.  GOD’S AMERICA “Merge with the Infinite” LP (Deep Six / RSR)
7. SEX PRISONER “Tannhauser Gate” LP (Deep Six)
8. DENY THE CROSS “Alpha Ghoul” LP (Tankcrimes)
9. DECRANEO “Sacrilegio” ep (Crapoulet)
10. BAD NOIDS “It’s a Doggie Bag World” (Feel It)

* DERANGED www.derangedrecords.com
* ANCIENT FILTH www.ancientfilth.bandcamp.com
* DEEP SIXwww.deepsixrecords.com
* TANKCRIMES  www.tankcrimes.com
* CRAPOULETwww.crapoulet.fr

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