Sunday, January 29, 2017

Radio - Sunday, January 29th, 2017

Mary Tyler Moore passed away this past week. Although she’s not a punk she did represent a modern independent woman in the work world. The show took place in Minneapolis and Husker Du covered the theme song on their “Makes No Sense At All” ep in the mid-80’s. The song was like an unofficial anthem for Minneapolis, which is why it was so appropriate for a band from them to cover the song. With all the tributes to Mary Tyler Moore this week I found myself thinking about this cover.

HUSKER DU - Love is All Around (SST)

This coming Sunday at the Garrison is a benefit for Freddie Pompeii, a guy we are trying to keep alive. Freddie has been diagnosed with cancer and we all know that medical bills are more expensive in the States. So a bunch of his friends who make up the first wave of the Toronto punk scene are getting together to play a show and we are going to start off with a few of them, starting off with Freddie’s first punk band the VILETONES. This is “Danger Boy”.

VILETONES - Danger Boy (Razor)
THE CURSE- Somethin' Ya Can't Tell Your Mother (Other Perople’s Music)
TYRANNA – Unfaithful (Rave Up)
ZRO4 - Downtown Boys (Unreleased)
THE 'B' GIRLS - 'B' Side (Bomp)
THE DIODES - Mercenary Flight (CBC)
BATTERED WIVES - Bad News (Bomb)
THE MODS - Troubled Times (Other Peoples Music)
THE SECRETS - Teenage Rampage (Bomb)
THE UGLY - Do You Wanna See Me (Other People’s Music)

Alex Kress is a photographer from Toronto by way of Edmonton who put out a great new photo book on the Toronto punk scene called “Feeding Time: Split Seconds in Toronto Punk – 2015-2016”. We spoke with Alex a few weeks back about the book. We start off with the namesake for the book.

S.H.I.T. - Feeding Time (Static Shock)
ALEX KRESS - Interview (CIUT)
STRANGLED – Leader (Crude City)

Check out Alex’s Instagram account at @snapsecondskin

Top 10 – January 2017
10. BAD NOIDS - My Friend Greg (Feel it)
9. DECRANEO - Siamesas (Crapoulet)
8. DENY THE CROSS - Blast Pound Strafe Stab Kill (Tank Crimes)
7. SEX PRISONER - Shoulders Straight (a389 / Deep Six)
6. GOD’S AMERICA - A Minced Oath (Deep Six / Regurgitated Semen)
5. ORNITORRINCOS - Igrejinha Über Alles (Thrash Unreal)
4. LIQUID - Going Down the Tubes (Yeah You)
3. ANCIENT FILTH - Crisis Cycle (Self-Released)
2. MONGOLOID - American Nomad (Deranged)
1. BRUTAL YOUTH - Todd Serious (Stomp)

BIB - P.M.F. (Deranged)
NADSAT - Esclavo del placer (Self-Released)
YOUTH AVOIDERS - Face Up To It (Destructure / Build Me a Bomb)
RAPTUS DI FOLLIA – Insomnia (Incredible Noise / Dirt Fi)
URBAN BANDITS – We Don’t Belong to the Stairs (Twisted Red Cross)

Tonight’s demo feature is a new band from Vancouver featuring members from a lot of other bands from there. You can download their demo from bandcamp.

POLICY OF TRUTH – Intro / Leech (Self-Released)
POLICY OF TRUTH – Authority Abuse (Self-Released)
POLICY OF TRUTH – Speakers Corner (Self-Released)
POLICY OF TRUTH – I.M.F.H. (Self-Released)

BEAMAN – Z’s Up (Failed Orbit)

You can download an MP3 of the show here

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