Sunday, January 1, 2017

Radio - Sunday, January 1st, 2017

THE YOBS - Auld Land Syne (Captain Oi!)

The Yobs with Auld Land Syne which is the song you may have heard last night signifing the New Year. And as we leave the old year and begin a new I want to say that I have heard enough “Year in Review” shows to slit my throat. So many of them lamenting people who have passed away and tonight's show is not immune from such a list (see Sarde's list of bands that broke up in 2016). 

So Stephe prepared his favourite Canadian punk releases from last year and here is what he liked best starting with Absolute, who were in his top 10 list from last year with “Hell’s Highest Power”. They came out with a split with PARANOID shortly after which is even more devastating and didn't find out about until 2016 even though technically it was released in 2015.

1. ABSOLUT - Mental Problem (D-Takt & Rapunk)
2. CHEAP APPEAL – Sensory Overload (Self-Released)
3. BORN WRONG – Disposable (Schizophrenic / Rebel Time)
4. FASHIONISM - Stop Drop and Rock n Roll (Dirt Cult)
5. FRAGMENT - Bad Minds (Self-Released)
6. KOSZMAR - Solidarność (Konton Crasher)
7. LAUGHING BOY - Not this Time (Slow Death)
8. ALIENATION - Complacent Fucks (Self-Released)
9. PURA MANIA “Cerebros Punk” - Cerebros Punk (Hysteria)
10. FACADE – Some Screen (Self-Released)

Chloe, from SHEXD, prepared two top lists. This first set is an abbreviated favourite list starting off with Warthog. This list is in no particular order.

WARTHOG - Culture? (Beach Impediment)
IMPALERS - Sucks (CRASS cover) (Self-Released)
TRIAGE - Power Beat (Larry Tony Produzioni)
ARMS RACE - Slander and Abuse (La Vida Es Un Mus)
BLAZING EYE - Ways to Die (Self-Released)

Sarde prepared a list of bands that broke up in 2016. An In Memorium set list, Rest In Power.

CCTV - Big Plan (Cristi California)
FUCK SS - Trend On (World Gone Mad)
DILETTANTES - Late to the Party (Self-Released)
VEXX - You Don’t Got It (M’lady’s / Upset the Rhythm)
JJ DOLL - No One (Katorga Works)
VCR - R.I.P. Sportsboy (Murder City Video / Barfbag)
G.L.O.S.S. - Trans Day of Revenge (Sabotage / Total Negativity / Nervous Nelly)
INACTIVIST - Pessimist / Feminist (Self-Released)
ABSOLUTE - Peace System (Beach Impediment)
GAUCHO - Manos Atadas (Iron Lung)

Chloe’s second list is the best of new bands from 2016.

SIYAHKAL - Beshin Paiasho (Self-Released)
KRIMEWATCH - Machismo (Self-Released)
EXOTICA - Peseguida (Self-Released)
S-21 - Brass Gravel (Self-Released)
ANXIETY - Sewer in the Mind (La Vida Es Un Mus)
URANIUM CLUB - Who Made the Man? (Static Shock)
JANITOR SCUM - Downtown (Lumpy)
CC DUST - Never Going to Die (Perennial)

Greg Benedetto, of Stuck in the City fame, prepared a top ten list for MRR. This list contains some of those bands that haven’t been caught by other’s lists so far and a few additional extras.

PRIMETIME - Pervert (La Vida Es Un Mus)
MARBLED EYE - Primerose (Self-Released)
TV CRIME - Hooligans (Static Shock)
BELGRADO - Na Ten Czas (La Vida Es Un Mus)
HARAM - The Insane (Toxic State)

VANITY - You’ll Never MatterMuch to Them (Katorga Works)

Happy New Year and download an MP3 of the show and listen to it on a device that plays MP3's. 

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