Sunday, November 6, 2016

Radio - Sunday, November 6th, 2016

The US election is this coming Tuesday and so we started off the show with the B Side of the "Fucked Up Donald" single by DOA which is a cover and has a reference to the election. Here is the set list for tonight's show and you can download the show here.

DOA - Eve of Destruction (Sudden Death)

JAMES CHANCE – Contort Yourself (Ze)
THE EXECUTIVES – Resistance (Radioactive)
WARM GUN – Broken Windows (Isadora) – France
LUNATIC FRINGE – Omnibus (Resurrection)
THE DIODES – Child Star (CBS)
THE VAPIDS – War on Mute (Surfin’ Ki)
THE DISCARDED – Feel the Glow (Self-Released)
DRI - As Seen on TV (Beer City)

SAMHAIN – Mother of Mercy (Plan 9)
CHRISTIAN DEATH – Burnt Offerings (Frontier)
THE STARVED – Ode to Gorey (Self-Released)
SPECTRES – Strange Weather (Deranged)
T.S.O.L. - Wash Away (Alternative Tentacles)

ABRASION – Planet Malfunction (Cactus)
THICK SKULL - Skin Suit (Self-Released)
FRAGMENT - Pollution Cycle (Self-Released)
HEAVY BREATHER - No Tears (Self-Released)
PAVEL CHEKOV - Landlords Are Fucking Uselesss Scum (Self-Released)
FORGED - Hillary Clinton (Self-Released)
POLLEN - Nerve Gas (Self-Released)
PURE DISGUST – Pipeline (Katorga Works)
SEM HASTRO - Silêncio Covarde (Hysteria)
SABOTAGE - Que Mierdero (Self-Released)

RAMONES - Chainsaw (Sire)
THE RIPTIDES – Dawn of the Dead (Goblin)
GROOVIE GHOULIES – Dead end (Lookout)
TALL BOYS - Take a Walk (Enigma)

Top 10 - October 2016
10. ENAMEL – Control (Self-Released)
9. XYLITOL – Shit Buffet (Self-Released)
8. TV FREAKS - The Pits
7. Born Wrong - Highway of Heroes (Schizophrenic)
6. VIDEO FILTH – Media Games
5. AKAKABUTO - Rakt in i Döden (Self-Released)
4. GASMASK TERROR - Tous Contre Tous
3. INSTINTO – Integrado
2. CHARGED CBH - Wankyman (Self-Released)
1. G.L.O.S.S. - Trans Day of Revenge (Nervous Nelly / Total Negativity)

Tonight's demo feature is a new local hardcore band featuring members of KATATONIX and Kayley from Coalition. The demo can be heard at their bandcamp page which is :

HAXAN – New World (Self-Released)
HAXAN – Big Kill (Self-Released)
HAXAN – Spectre (Self-Released)

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