Sunday, November 20, 2016

Radio - Sunday November, 20th, 2016

Tonight is our fundraising show and we always play name that tune with our hosts on the Prophesy. This year James St. Bass (Creative Zero / Sudden Impact fame) was on deck and he guessed that the opening song was an Elvis Costello tune a song about radio.

SMALLTOWN - Radio Radio (Pirates Press)

Interviews and band profiles
Last week we aired an interview with ALIENATION who are a hardcore band from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. We interviewed them when they were here for Not Dead Yet. Interviews and band profiles are something we do quite often on the show. In the last few months we aired interviews with the legendary Oi Polloi from Scotland, Zoom and the Scenics who are considered by some to be the first punk bands from Toronto, DS-13 from Umea Sweden, Fuck You Pay Me from Cleveland, and Geoff Pevere who wrote Gods of the Hammer. And when INACTIVIST came in Evan talked about doing an interview on Equalizing-X-Distort was like one of these bucket list items. Matt Black from Die Brucke said the same thing. I have heard this a couple of times from bands so we know this is valued by bands. In fact I don’t hear other punk radio shows do this. Band interviews are something unique to EXD abd CIUT and as a result we profile a lot of local and Canadian bands to get their story out.

In these interviews we often get into other things that members of bands are up to. These people are champions of the scene because they put in their time trying to build up the scene in various ways and it is not uncommon. Last week when we were talking to Dave Brown, Alienation’s newest member, he was telling us about Sewercide Records and his latest offshoot label Unknown Coast, which is responsible for the release of the Slow Death demo. Slow Death were a hardcore band from Summerside, PEI – who represented a lot of firsts. Dave used to be a host on the show and he knows how important the drive is to keeping our doors open, so he offered us a Sewercide package which includes a Word on the Street ep, Abject Pax ep, Dyscontrol ep, and the Slow Death ep.

ALIENATION – Dad Body (Self-Released)
GAUCHO – New song about cannibalism (CIUT)

Studio 3 session
GAUCHO and SABOTAGE were both in to record Studio 3 sessions recently. But over the last six months we aired sessions with :

- SAGO on April 24th and then you recommended we do a session with
- KATATONIX which aired on May 29th
- MOTHERFUCKERS from Calgary which we aired on June 26th
- INACTIVIST on July 17th, which was recorded just before the Irish members left the city. Leo what is happening with Inactivist?
- PROM NITE on August 28th
- FLQ on September 4th, and
- GAUCHO on October 16th

We have the members of some of these bands in tonight. So first off I want to re-introduce Leo who was in twice, first with Inactivist and when you were hear I was telling you how much trouble I was having getting Gaucho in and you made that happen because you sing and play bass in that band as well. And Andrew and Alex, who are brothers playing in Sabotage. They talked about their experiences recording at the station and what that means for their bands.

SABOTAGE - It Doesn't Have to be this Way (CIUT)

Studio 3 sessions continued
Alex from SAGO joins in on the conversation and we talk about the development of those personalized station IDs. We also talk about the band photos. And then we talk about community access to the station using Alex as an example of being someone who has suggested these programming pieces that we acted on which include:

- At the SOFISTIFUCKS session he told us about SAGO so we had you come in.
- He helped set up the UNCLE RAY recording who are a band from Windsor
- At the SAGO session he told us about KATATONIX and we arranged to have them in.
- At the KATATONIX session he told us about DS-13 and even arranged for us to get in so we can get an interview.
- I also want to thank you for turning me onto Democracy Now. You mentioned it on the last drive that you were in and I started listening where I heard about the altercation at Standing Rock

Anyway I wonder how common this is to be able to suggest programming and watch it come together. We talk about CIUT being a community station but all these points above demonstrate to me the two way involvement that the station has with our listeners.

SAGO – Fukk the Cops (CIUT)

CIUT has done quite a few co-sponsorships in the last little while. What is a co-sponsorship? It is an event that gets promoted by the station and in return the event promotes the station. It is another expression of community influence and impact. In the last little bit we have helped promote:

The Secrets show
The Son of Dave show
Not Dead Yet fest
The Zoom show
Johnny and the G-Rays show
And the upcoming James Chance show

Here is the title track from the brand new James Chance album titled “The Flesh is Weak”.

JAMES CHANCE - The Flesh is Weak (True Groove)
ZOOM - Porno Town (CIUT)
VCR - How Low Can A Punk Get (Murder City Video / Barfbag)

In appreciation for radio here are some songs about radio.

RAMONES – We Want the Airwaves (Sire)
THE MANTS – 250 Volt (Dead Beat)
THE SPIES – My Radio (Giant Radio)

Special Features
EXD is known for doing Top 10 features at the end of the month.

We do a punk Christmas show with host Dave Stevenson and this year’s show happens on Christmas day.

SHEXD is alive and well and planning their next broadcast on December 4th so tune in for that.

Dini Lazlow was in to do a contemporary look at the Hungarian punk scene.

We feature a demo every week on the show.

We have talked about co-sponsorships that we participate in with local promoters.

We talked about the interviews we do with bands that come through.

We talked about studio 3 sessions we organize with local bands.

All this happens on a voluntary basis but without money to keep the day to day operations going we cannot continue to broadcast.

Craig Wattie, a co-host on Aggressive Rock tells us about CKLN and how that fragile a campus community station is. CHRY also had their station taken from them with outside owners adopting a commercial format for their newly rebranded VIBE. We play some more songs about radio….

GASOLINE - Radio Flic (Egg)
SKULLIANS - Over The Edge (STP)
RAMONES – Do You Remember Rock’nRoll Radio (Sire)

TEENGENERATE – Radio 55 (Crypt)
CUB – Who the Hell do you think you are (BMG)

You can donate to CIUT until December 31st on-line at There is a trip for two to Iceland and the draw will be held on January 15th. Thanks to those who have donated so far.

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