Sunday, November 27, 2016

Radio - Sunday, November 27th, 2016

Fidel Castro passed away and in honour of his passing we played Cuba's first and best known band Eskoria.

ESKORIA - Chispetren (Self-Released)

Cock Sparrer are playing in Toronto tonight. On tonigh's show we are playing a top 10 for November and this set has some re-issues and runners up from this month's releases.

COCK SPARRER - Don't Stop (Captain Oi)
TOXIC EPHEX - What A Waste of Money (Mad Butcher)
AHEADS - Not Last Night (Blurrg)
MACHO BOYS - Victim to Blame (Self-Released)
TOXIC WOMB - Sucker (Self-Released)
JUVEBTUD PODRIDA - Criando Cuervos (Logica Ciega)
MYTERI – Utbränd (Halvfabrikat)

It's my birthday tonight so Rob played the Beatles song and some pop punk, which I am not a fan of to celebrate my birthday.

BEATLES – Birthday (Apple)
PSEUDO – Outlaws (Self-Released)
SAMIAM – Full On (Burning Heart)
FIFTEEN – Middle (Cool Guy)
CHIXDIGGIT – Going to the Peelers (Honest Don's)

Here is my top 10 for November 2016 in reverse order.

10. ARMS RACE – UK15 (La Vida Es Un Mus)
9. S-21 - Mass Grave (Self-Released)
8. BOMBARDEO - Guerra = Muerte / DHK - Lxs Punk's no mueren! (Espiral DIYscos)
7. MILD SHAG - Fight On (Imminent Destruction)
6. LAUGHING STOCK - On and On (Self-Released)
5. MAD EXISTENCE - My Richmond (Self-Released)
4. FRAGMENT - Abandoned, Surrounded (Self-Released)
3. SUNSHINE WARD - Order (Feral Ward)
2. PURE DISGUST - White Silence (Katorga Works)
1. WARTHOG - Functioning World (Beach Impediment)

THE CAVEMEN – Speed of Death (Dirty Water)
JONESY – (I Wanna) Bang Bang You (No Front Teeth)
PLATINUM BOYS – Candy (Dusty Medical Records)
TYRANNA MEN – I Can't Read Your Mind (Static Shock)
BULLET PROOF LOVERS – Master of my Destiny (Rum Bar)

CIUT has a trip for two to Iceland as a Grand Prize draw for our fundraising campaign.  The off air has been extended until January 14th and so if you make a donation to CIUT for $25 or more you can get an entry into that draw. Donate at In honour of the trip to Iceland here is a set of early punk from there which includes Bjork's second band, Tappi Tikarras.

VONBRIGOI – O Rejkajavik (Mauerstadtmusik)
TAPPI TIKARRAS – London (Spor)
UTANGANOSMENN – Poppstjarnan (Steinar)
FRAEBBBLAMIR – Gotta Go (Hugrenningur)
PURRKURR PILLNIKK – Floqhahbid (Gramm)
Q4U – Toys (Skaf)
EGO – Sieg Hell (Steinar)
VONBRIGOI – Guafraea (Red River)

THE SAINTE CATHERINES – Look at the Moon (Yo Yo)
ERIC'S TRIP – Sunlight (Sub Pop)
COLD WARPSE – Endless Bummer (Noyes)
KID DYNAMITE – Never Met the Gooch (Jade Tree)

You can download the show here.

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