Monday, February 1, 2016

Radio - Sunday, January 31st 2016

Lydia Athanasopolous was the most recent MRR zine co-ordinator for the past three years. She was in Toronto around the time SHEXD was on back in December and appeared on that show. She graciously stayed afterwards into the wee hours of the morning to answer questions about how she got into punk and MRR, The Greek scene, how MRR gets put together, what the legendary library looks like, some of the projects MRR is currently involved in and what she is getting into next. I felt inspired afterwards and Lydia de-mystifies what happens on the compound. You can download the show here.

Interview with Lydia Athanasopolous (CIUT)

Here are some bands appearing at Maximumrocknroll’s “Still Not So Quiet on the Western Front” fest taking place between February 11th and 14th. If you are thinking about going and want to know more about who is playing the fest there is a thorough listing found at MRR. 

GENERACION SUICIDA - Los Pobres, Ladrones, Y Muertos (Self-Released)
IN SCHOOL - Praxis of Hate (Kill Test)
REPLICA – Trust (Prank)
PERMANENT RUIN - Mas Alla de la Muerte (Warthog Speak)
TORSO - You Stay on that High Horse (Agipunk)
CRIMINAL CODE – Fraudulent (Cut the Cord / Erste Theke Tontrager)

Tonight’s demo feature is a new-ish band from Toronto that recently appeared MRR’s New Blood section for January. The band features some members of VCR and ANTI-VIBES so they have been around the block at least once or twice. You can find this demo at their bandcamp page.

PROM NITE - Snakes (Self-Released)
PROM NITE - Friendly Boy (Self-Released)
PROM NITE - Petty Demon (Self-Released)

PROM NITE - Tied Down (Self-Released)

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