Sunday, February 14, 2016

Radio - Sunday, February, 14th, 2016

So you may be expected a punk show on topics of love, but that is not the case and any songs about love are merely accidental. We starts off the show with an example of motown inspired skinhead music with the Redskins. You can download the show here.

THE REDSKINS - Keep On Keepin' On! (London)

Here is a post punk inspired set

HELTA SKELTA – Oh (Deranged)
SUBWAY SECT – Not Watchin’ the Devil (Overground)
WIRE – I Am the Fly (Harvest)
GANG OF FOUR – Damaged Goods (EMI)
THE SWELL MAPS – Real Shocks (Soul Jazz)

AVENUE Z – Invasio X (Slovenly)
LES THUGS – Fier de ne Rien Faire (Crash Disques)
DOGS – Algomania (Philips)
LES SOUCOUPES VIOLENTES – Driving Me Insane (Fan Club)
SPEED FREAK – The Stomachmouths (Subliminal Sounds)

Ian Wilkinson guest hosted with a feature on ska-core as part of our Black History Month programming. 

VOODOO GLOW SKULLS – We’re Back (Epitaph)
THE NEFIDOVS – Support Your Local Prison (Unknown)
BRUNT OF IT – Soilty (Brikhaus)
THE SUICIDE MACHINES - 95% of the World is Third World (Side One Dummy)
ASSORTED JELLYBEANS – Punk Rock Jock (Kung Fu)
CHOKING VICTIM – Five Finger Discount (Hellcat)
LES SKALPES – Bleeding Me Dry (Self-Released)
FILTHY RADICALS – Drowning (Self-Released)
BOURBON DK – Drink and Destroy (Unknown)

Here are some bands that come from the early punk scene that have ska influences in them. 

VOXPOP - Stress Love (Genlyd)
THE CARPETTES - False Foundations (Beggars Banquet)
KSMB - Atom Reggae (MNW)
TRAVOLTA KIDS - Hjärta Av Guld (Mistlur Mistlur)
WANDA'S - De Stem Des Volks (TAS)

HUSKER DU - Lets Go Die
DUNCAN REDMOND - Homesexual WWIII (Boss Tuneage)
CHEAP APPEAL - Performance Review (Self-released)
POISON IDEA - Beautiful Disaster (Southern Lord)

Tonight's demo feature is a new local punk band that you can download at their bandcamp page. 

CONMAN – Straight Shot (Self-Described)
CONMAN – Catching Flies (Self-Described)
CONMAN – Faces (Self-Described)

CONMAN – Tracking (Self-Described)
CONMAN – Steam (Self-Described)

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