Sunday, February 21, 2016

Radio - Sunday, February 21st, 2016

Poison Idea played Toronto last night and they were incredible. Better than what I remember of their show 26 years ago when they played the Siboney. So I played a new song by them to keep that PDX high going. Download the show here.

POISON IDEA - Beautiful Disaster (Southern Lord)

We featured a studio 3 session recorded at the beginning of January, who are Big Brother. Big Brother are a local ska core band and in keeping with our Black History Month programming we thought we would feature a band that incorporates this unique Jamaican inspired punk. 

BIG BROTHER - Eco Terrorirst (CIUT)
BIG BROTHER - Interview (CIUT)
BIG BROTHER - Kids of the Sun (CIUT)
BIG BROTHER - Interview (CIUT)
BIG BROTHER - Cast Overboard (CIUT)
BIG BROTHER - Interview (CIUT)
BIG BROTHER - Slippin’ Away (CIUT)
BIG BROTHER - Cuming to Clarity Ft the Cliteral Hoodrat (Unknown)
BIG BROTHER - Interview (CIUT)
BIG BROTHER - Interview (CIUT)
BIG BROTHER - They’re Watching (Unknown)
BIG BROTHER - Interview (CIUT)
BIG BROTHER - Island President (CIUT)
BOURBON DK - Straight from the Bottle (Unknown)

Tonight's demo feature is CINDERBLOCK from Boston. An anarcho skinhead inspired sound feels familiar and unique. We ranked them as our number one pick for January's top 10 and thought we would give space to play the rest of the demo. You can download the demo at bandcamp

CINDERBLOCK – Voiceless (Self-Released)
CINDERBLOCK – Silence (Self-Released)
CINDERBLOCK – Disarm (Self-Released)
CINDERBLOCK – Disco Killers (Self-Released)
CINDERBLOCK – No Future (Self-Released)

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