Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Strike studio 3 session

The Strike are an oi band, originally from Cannich, which is the Highlands of Scotland some 30 clicks outside of Inverness. Significant to the punk scene they wrote some of the greatest punk anthems which were brought to life on a series of oi compilations. They are particularly known for "Gang Warfare" and "Skinhead" which appeared on the "Strength Through Oi" comp. Garry Bushell first encouraged the band by listing one of their demoes in his top 10 oi list for Sounds Magazine and then by getting the, on this compilation. Fergus Macleod, the lead singer and bass player, goes into this story in the interview. 

Fergus broke the Strike up in 1983 over musical differences. He moved to Toronto and then to Vancouver where he would form Emergency with Nick and Mike from the Subway Thugs. There is a great write up on Emergency found at Ghetto Rock which gives the background on the band and their recording history all while reviewing the full length that was released at the time "1234". Since then Longshot Music released two of the songs from an earlier demo as an ep. The band was able to record one of the Emergency's songs "What You Gonna Do". 

More recently, Fergus re-located to Ontario and lives in Midland. He got in touch with Peter Lambert over some record trading. Peter started out drumming for NFG when they first started out and left around the glam phase of 63 Monroe. Peter moved to London England and played with many bands including the Angelic Upstarts. Peter recorded on their "Reason Why?" LP in 1983 and you can see his credits at this discogs page. Peter asked if Fergus was ever interested in starting up the band again and he was. Peter then sought out Chris Crash. 

Chris Crash has his own interesting stories, but some of his history starts as far back as playing in Slander, which is one of Hamilton's first recorded punk bands. Chris would go on to play in the Hammer Boys, an all skin hardcore band. He runs a punk store called Crash Landing now, but was very familiar with the Strike's material. When Peter approached Chris about playing in the Strike, Chris couldn't believe it and started playing "Skinhead" on guitar to verify that it was the same band they were talking about. Peter knew he had the right guy for guitar. 

Randy from Rebel Time Records put us in touch with this new version of the Strike and after weeks of figuring out scheduling we were able to record this session. The Strike have played a show at This Ain't Hollywood. Tonight they recorded the following songs :

1.  Hungry Man
8. Alien
11. Mania

13. EXD ID

We did an interview that was recorded in two parts (Part 1) and (Part 2).

Thanks to Ian Wilkinson for recording and mixing everything. Thanks to Aldo and Candy for video taping the session. 

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