Sunday, September 20, 2015

Radio - Sunday, September 20th, 2015

Adictox are the first band to play Toronto who come from Cuba. They come from the center of Cuba in a place called Santa Clara. Solidarity Rock has been working hard at bringing them here and their first show was tonight at Coalition T.O. We had a chance to speak with the band through an interpreter earlier this afternoon. Here is that interview.

ADICTOX - Adictox (Self-Released)
ADICTOX - Interview (CIUT)
ADICTOX - Peligro (Self-Released)
ADICTOX - Interview (CIUT)
ADICTOX - Solo (Self-Released)
ADICTOX - Interview (CIUT)
ADICTOX - Ansiedad (Self-Released)
ADICTOX - Interview (CIUT)
ADICTOX - Matalo (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is a new band from Toronto called Stray Sheep. You can download this demo at their bandcamp page.

STRAY SHEEP – Wasting Life (Self-Released)
STRAY SHEEP – Hate Your Face (Self-Released)
STRAY SHEEP – Reject (Self-Released)
STRAY SHEEP – Nothing For Me (Self-Released)
STRAY SHEEP – Unknown Anxiety (Self-Released)
STRAY SHEEP – Marina (Self-Released)
STRAY SHEEP – Tacos (Self-Released)
STRAY SHEEP – That's Life (Self-Released)
STRAY SHEEP – What You Do (Self-Released)

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