Sunday, September 27, 2015

Radio - Sunday, September 27th, 2015

There was a technical problem at the beginning of this show and so there is some dead air at the beginning. Keep listening or fast forward a few minutes in and the show will start. You can download an MP3 of the show here.

OBNIII - Trashheap (12 XU)
SODA FRAISE - Ca Baigne Dans L'Huile (Sing Sing)
FASHIONISM - Quit Looking at the Time (Zaxxon)
TRAINSPOTTERS - High Rise (Arista)
NERVOUS TALK - Introductions (Mammoth Cave)

DEAD MOUTH - Basement Dweller (Self)
AGNOSTIC FRONT - Victim in Pain (Combat Core)
POISON IDEA - Cop An Attitude (Taang)
CRO-MAGS - Malfunction (Cro-Mag)
NEGATIVE APPROACH - Ready To Fight (Touch and Go)

OUTTA CONTROLLER - Everybody's Telling Me (P-Trash)
THE SCIENTISTS - High Noon (Agitated)
THE MODERNS - Ready For The 80s (1977)
CENTURY PALM - White Light (Symbolic Capital Industries)
PALE LIPS - Candy Song (No Front Teeth)

DIRT BOMBS - Underdog (In The Red)
GUN CLUB - Sex Beat (Ruby)
THE WANDERERS - Ready To Snap (Polydor)
ZODIAC KILLERS - Goin' Down (Rip Off)
THE MAD - Fried Egg (Disgusting)

THE HI FI'S - Look What You've Done (Mean Beam)
MOTHER'S CHILDREN - No Rules (Taken By Surprise)
THE NUMBER ONES - Heart Smash (Deranged)
NO SWEAT - Start All Over Again (Rip Off)

DOA - Warmonger (Sudden Death)
MOVING TARGETS - Selfish (Radiobeat)
GANG GREEN - Let's Drink Some Beer (Modern Method)
LOST KIDS - Skrid (Kong Pære)
SLIM - Fuck The Queen (Kong Pære)

THE WALNUT KIDS - Can't Stand 'Em (Going Gaga)
BUREACRATS - Feel The Pain (Ugly Pop)
YOUNG CANADIANS - Hawaii (Quintessence)
GAMES - Little Elise (Hozac)
ANA LUCIA - Take Me Down (Ramo Records/Base Records)

BRUTE FORCE - Black and Blue (Self)
VICIOUS CYCLE - In Tranquility (Deranged)

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