Sunday, March 8, 2015

Radio - Sunday, March 8th, 2015

Sarde, Zoe, and Lia programmed the 2015 version of International Womens Day show with loads of great new bands and lots of members from the current scene which included Erica and Jada and McKenzie and Sadie and Susie. It was a great vibe in the studio with loads of interactive discussion and killer tunes. Here is what was played. 

FRAU - Punk is my boyfriend (Static Shock)

CREMALLERAS - Cara Descompuesta (Cintas pepe)
PERVERTED JUSTICE - Back on the Blade (It Stinks)
CADAVER EM TRANSE - Take a Look (Nada Nada)
VEXX - Clairvoyant (Mlady)
G.L.O.S.S. - Outcast Stomp (Total Negativity/Nervous Nelly)

LEATHER DADDY - At Night (Failure)
DOWNTOWN BOYS - Maldito (Self-Released)
NANDAS - Witch's (Self-Released)
MALOKIO - Selvaggio (Self-Released)
LIFE CHAIN - No Laughter (Konton Crasher)

RATA NEGRA - Corasones (Self-Released)
DETECTORS - Ciutat (Blau)
NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS - Boys for 20 Years (Deranged)
STRANGLED - Cost of Living (Crude City)
SNOB - Harassed (Sorry State)

The demo feature is in the middle of the show and members in triage were in studio tonight, Sadie and Lia, who do a quick back and forth with Sarde about the band and the demo

TRIAGE - Theme (Sub//Par)
TRIAGE - Everyday in Hell (Sub//Par)
TRIAGE - White Eyes (Sub//Par)
TRIAGE - Fear Eater (Sub//Par)
TRIAGE - Retaliatory Strike (Sub//Par)
TRIAGE - Power Beat (Sub//Par)

THE COMES - In Japanese (Dogma)
PRETTY BOYS - Get rid of yourself (Self-Released)
MUJERCITOS - Hiper-Gordo (Self-Released)
GAZM - Pit (Self-Released)
CRYOGENICS - Black and Blue (I Love You) (Self-Released)
TOZCOS -Ahogado (overdose)
ATRAKO - Miedo (Self-Released)

IN SCHOOL - Knocked Out (Kill Test)
PIG DNA - Bosses (Self-Released)
NUCLEAR DEATH - Human Seed (Wild Rag)
TORSO - Waste of Time (Adagio 830)
DEATH EVOCATION - Relentless (Quality Control HQ)
BOLT THROWER - Psychological Warfare (Vinyl Solution)

ANTI-SEX - Desesperacion (Self-Released)
SECT - Liars (Self-Released)
ANA CURRA - Envuelta en ron (Hispavox)

It is rumoured that Chloe is coming back in April for an on air reunion with the group. So there could be another takeover sooner than you think.

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