Sunday, March 1, 2015

Radio - Sunday, March 1st, 2015

Recorded a couple of weeks back in studio 3 we got to document this little known band from here with some huge influences taking chances with Summer of Revolution DC scene material and Ebullition styled hardcore emo fusion. The sounds that Brauer come up with are familiar but have never been done in this way before. Innovative, captivating, and catchy with a nod to performance draws comparisons to Nation of Ulysses meets Fugazi meets Beefeater. Just bowled me over with a mash up sound that I didn't think existed and still don't really believe it had I not witnessed it for myself. You can hear the show above or download an MP3 here.

BRAUER – Mumbo’s 1 through 4 (CIUT)
BRAUER – Interview (CIUT)

The band does a Jawbreaker cover which was particularly great when everyone in the studio just broke into the chorus.

BRAUER – Kiss the Bottle (CIUT)
BRAUER – Interview (CIUT)
BRAUER – Interview (CIUT)
BRAUER – What a time to be alive (2011) (CIUT)
BRAUER – Interview (CIUT)
BRAUER – Castlerock (CIUT)
BRAUER – Interview (CIUT)
BRAUER – Lesley Gore (CIUT)
BRAUER – Interview (CIUT)
BRAUER – Skinny Wolves (CIUT)
BRAUER – Interview (CIUT)
BRAUER – Technicolour Yawn (CIUT)
BRAUER – Interview (CIUT)
BRAUER – Baptist - Human Torch (CIUT)

To check out Brauer's other studio recordings visit

VCR - Bugs Bugs Bugs / Slap your mammy (Barfbag)
VACANT STATE - Chains (Hardware
BOSTON STRANGLER "Fire" LP - Outcast (Fun with Smack)

GANG OF FOUR - Anthrax (Warner Brothers)

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