Sunday, September 21, 2014

Radio - Sunday, September 21st, 2014

Last week we prepared sets of Scottish punk to bring attention to this country given they might declare independence. There was so much great material we continued the theme in a post vote. You can't deny the contributions to punk that Scotland has given and this cultural snapshot is a great example. 

THE ZIPS - Angerland (Tenement Toons)

THE VALVES - It don't mean nothing at all (Albion)
THE REZILLOS - (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures (Sire)
SUBS - Gimme your heart (Stiff)
THE ZIPS - I'm in Love (Black Gold)
THE DRIVE - Jerkin' (NRG)
THE SKIDS - Melancholy Soldier (Virgin)
DEFIANT POSE - Someone Else's War (Graucho Marxist Record Co-operative)
THE FEGS - Mill Street Law and Order (Graucho Marxist Record Co-operative)
PVC2 - Put you in the Picture (Zoom)
BEE BEE CEE - You gotta know girl (Rel) - Edinburgh
THE STRIKE - Cry of the Youth (Captain Oi!)
THE EXILE - The Real People (Charity) - Glasgow
JOHNNY AND THE SELF ABUSERS - Saints and Sinners (Chiswick)
ZONES - Stuck with you (Zoom)
THE REVILLOS - Where's the boy for me (Dindisc)

X - Degenerate Boy (Ugly Pop)
FAIRMONTS - Spend the night with me (Self-Released)
63 MONROE - Media Junkie (Rave Up)
GRUESOMES - Dementia 13 (Og)
TV FREAKS - Co-Worker Blues (Self-Released)

STRANGE ATTRACTOR - We're a Druugie family (Red Lounge)
REAL KIDS - She Don't Take It (Ugly Pop)
DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Proud to be a Canadian (Fringe)
SLOBS - Write Offs (Self-Released)
BFG - Bad Dream In Toronto (Back Alley)

D'Arcy's Japanese madness set
LASTLY - Hang Them Up (Dowse)
GOUKA - Answer (Deadly Noise Blast)
POIKKEUS - Systeemiin Paska (Crust War)
DEATH DUST EXTRACTOR - Slave System (Crust War)
FEROCIOUS X - Kroussa Systemet (Distort)
ZYANOSE - Love Song (Guerilla)
S.D.S. - Why? (MCR)
LIFE - Instinct
KRIEGSHOG - Warfear (Under the Surface)
GLOOM - Morbid Education / Answer = Chaos (Crust War)
DEFECTOR - Punk System Destroy (Crust War)
FRAMTID - Life's Hard (Overthrow)
DISCLOSE - Religious Terror (Fader War) (Overthrow)
D-CLONE - What color the sky? (Tardis)

Tonight's demo feature is a band from DC called Demands and their new release called "Self-Inductance". I read about this demo in the September issue of MRR, but it is probably easier to listen to the demo at the band's bandcamp page. here is what we played.

DEMANDS - I Wish I could Help You (Self-Released)
DEMANDS - No Lifeboats (Self-Released)
DEMANDS - Onyx (Self-Released)
DEMANDS - Fate (Self-Released)
DEMANDS - Uprooted (Self-Released)

You can download an MP3 file of the show here

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