Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Burn Victim studio 3 session

BURN VICTIM are a new-ish power violence band from Hamilton. The band features Stephen from WEB SOCIETY on vocals and Nate from NOT on drums. BURN VICTIM have played many shows ion the past couple of years with bands like FUCK YOU PAY ME (Cleveland), HATYMAKER, PICK YOUR SIDE, ARTIFICIAL DISSEMINATION, REZENTMENTS, SNAKERCHARMER, BORN WRONG and countless others. In the last two years the band has pulled together three recordings (which can be found at bandcamp) making this their fourth. The line up is filled out with Joe on guitar and Sam on bass. Tonight they recorded:

1. Rat
2. Hypocrite
3. Action
4. Jesus takes the wheel
5. Self-Doubt
6. False Entitlement
7. Pinto
8. Terminal

Most of this was recorded in one take. Then we decided to have some fun starting off with the Charles Bronson cover.

9. Deaf and Dumber

And then we did some station IDs. Burn Victim were willing participants for this.

10. Rat EXD ID
11. Terminal CIUT ID
12. Pinto CIUT ID
13. Alone ID
15. EXD on CIUT ID

There was an interview afterwards where Stephen explains the meanings to songs, Nate talks about how the band came together, Joe talks about his love for Metallica and Sam his love for jazz. There are quite a few more pictures found at https://archive.org/details/BurnVictimStudio3.

Tonight's session was recorded and mixed by Big Brother's Ian Wilkinson. The session was video taped by Aldo of Punks n' Rockers.

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