Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Resist Control studio 3 session

Wasn't sure this studio 3 session was going to happen. It is always dicey when a band is coming from across the border. They had no problems. The sound engineer had a busy work day and wasn't sure he would make it on time. He was loading change into the meter as I got down to the station. The weather got crazy knocking power out in my end of the city. There was a downpour with tornado force winds, but it finished just as I was leaving. Everything seemed to work out. 

Members of Resist Control have some history with the show. History I respect given how many great bands these guys were in and history that I learned about in the interview that took place afterwards. I knew about Mike playing guitar in Slave State. I was telling him about how they wowed me back in the day drawing influences from Infest and No Comment. Over a decade later Mike would start another band a decade later called Running for Cover which was equally great and drew on those early power violence greats. They recorded a studio 3 session with us before dissolving and them becoming Gas Chamber. But Mike had a band before all of these bands with Rob the singer and they initially wanted to call the band Resist Control. they were talked out of it, but when this second chance came to start a new band they went back to the original idea. 

The other piece to this puzzle is Matto LaQue who is from Albany and played in many bands which included John Browns Army and Devoid of Faith to name but a few. There is a proper listing of the bands they all played in on the interview. I know Matto from his label Peterwaulkee Records which has put out a number of great bands from Albany and Buffalo and other places. Matto moved to Buffalo in more recent times and transitioned from a guitar player to a bass player, which he explains as part of the reason for the meandering way he plays. As I listened to his sound I could;t help but think of Eric Wood's earlier projects like Pissed Happy Children. 

One interesting coincidence to me was the name of the band. Matto is from Albany. The song "Resist Control was written by a band from Albany called Life's Blood. The song would get recorded in the next band that these members would play in called Born Against. It is a tidy explanation for the band name but not one grounded in fact I am afraid. 

As for sound, the band does get compared to No Comment an awful lot and it is not entirely inaccurate. Rob has a singing style that is enunciated and reminds me of early MDC. In fact his delivery on "Traditions" sounded like the genius heard on "Business on Parade". There is also a lot of dissonance noise contributed by both Mike and Matto out of the feedback that they can coax out of their guitars. Something heard on more contemporary power violence bands like Column of Heaven or Vilent Intent. I have heard it on Gas Chamber's recordings as well and I learned that Mike played in this band for a while so it all makes sense. 

There weren't many do overs on the songs recorded but here is what did get committed to tape (so to speak):

1. Can't compete
2. Can't compete / Liberty in America
3. Past Results
4. American citizen
5. Traditions
6. Lost weekend
7. Nostalgia
8. Nothing new
9. Kleptocracy
10. Thought in the head
11. Modern times
12. Short Leash
13. Submission accomplished / Dissipation

The band also makes some IDs for the show and the station.

1. Can't compete CIUT ID
2. Traditions CIUT ID
3. Resist Control CIUT ID
4. Past Results EXD ID

The session was video recorded by Aldo at Punks and Rockers and a clip is here to see.

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